Case study on DHL

DEL India implemented track in its finance, clearance and customer service departments in November 2006. After the track training course, which takes 4-6 hours, customer service agents adjusted rapidly to the new system. The claims team within the customer services department had first to resolve some internal issues of managing parallel case management systems alongside track.

But they were able to work with their track representative to resolve these problems, and migrated to the track system in March 2007.

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Track has given DEL customers a single contact address for access to all departments. Any contact with a customer, from any part of the company, is noted against their case number, allowing quick and easy retrieval of all relevant case notes and correspondence. Flexibility is key The track team worked with DEL to help them plan exactly how the system should be set up within the company. In fact, track Is so straightforward to Implement that It Is possible to have a five-day cycle between selecting the system and going live with It.

For any Implementation, the track team provides advice and guidance on how the system should be structured and helps to set up all the Individual elements to suit Individual companies’ specific requirements. A benefit of track Is the ability to customize almost all elements of the system: from the content of all the automated emails; to the appearance of contact forms; and the content of drop-down menus. At DEL, Strand Is looking forward to developing the system even further, but hasn’t yet had time to fully utilize the system’s flexibility. We haven’t made any major changes yet,” says Strand, “because we have been working on integrating the system Into all our departments W Powerful reporting tools mom tale to Tine tune eve DEL is a performance-oriented company where all elements of performance are measured. Unlike traditional email clients, track can measure all aspects of performance, including: how long it takes to reply to each email; how many emails each person has responded to; how long it took them; even down to what the subjects of the emails were.

The system incorporates powerful measurement and reporting tools, allowing for tracking such data as average response times on a company-wide and individual agent level.

Strand has found that track enables her team to monitor the stage of each ‘case’, with tracking and tracing customer details becoming significantly more efficient. Automatic monitoring of all cases ensures that staff are alerted when customer emails are running close to the pre-set service response deadline.

Effective time management Strand has found that the trend towards customer contact by email has enabled her to plan her staff time more effectively. “It has allowed us to plan our day more effectively, as not everyone needs to be by the phone all the time. It has also resulted in a shift in the skills she requires from her customer service agents.

“l like the fact that we can change the profile of our customer service agents.

It is much easier to find people with computer skills. It is not so easy to get people who have a confident phone manner and are good at talking to and selling to our customers. ” As a result, Strand is able to concentrate her skilled phone sales team on bookings and key accounts, leaving the remainder of customer contact to the email customer service team, via track. Key to the success of track is the ability to establish company-wide protocols for customer responses.

By setting up standard responses and forms, not only is the time spent on each email reduced dramatically, but the customer experience will be of a single company-wide language, to a consistently high standard. Incoming emails can be responded to by any appropriate individual within any department of the company, but will only be responded to once. Companies using track have found that it reduces by 50% the time spent on each email. Taking care of customers

Above all, Strands decision to implement track within DEL was based on the need to ensure that customers always receive the best possible service. She has been pleased with the result: “It is a good experience for the customer.

We are able to automatically feed back to them, so that the customer can see that we are taking care of them. ” The conclusion? “Overall, we are really satisfied,” says Strand. About track Track is a powerful tool that seamlessly integrates into your Web site and transforms the way that your company manages incoming and outgoing emails.

Using track, you an: create contact forms; manage automatic responses; set control and monitor automatic service response times; manage email templates; and create and control automatic documents for inclusion in emails. With track, clients have seen a reduction of up to 50% in the time spent handling customer enquiries, leading to greatly improved call centre productivity, and thus nudge potential cost Ana inclemency savings. Conversion to track, Including comprehensive on-site training, takes Just a few days, so that your company experiences no reduction in productivity during implementation.