Case Study on Effective Communication

The case comprises of a customer who want to replace the shoes by mistakenly understanding It from Second Stock.

Staff of the firm tries to convince them with help of good Communication skills & by make him understand company policy, but failed to do the same. They asks help from headquarters to resolve problem & head quarter suggest to segregate key customers & if he is one of them then give him premium otherwise gently deny demand of customer.

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Statement of Problem: It is very necessary for the company to Segregate Key Customer, understand refinances of them & help them out either he is wrong or not for long time benefit of the firm. In this case Devon Sports Shoes Showroom is facing the same problem. Case: Mr.

Oberon Is a customer of Devon Shoes. He feels that he purchased second hand shoes from the showroom of the firm. He Insist Rural, a sales person to take It back & give another new pair of shoes. Rural tries to explain the company policy of not selling second hand items to customers. But, Mr.

Oberon refuse to accept it.

Mr. Sahara, the manager of showroom intervene when notices the situation but was enable to convince Mr. Oberon. Rural asks HO for solution of the problem & Mr. Share, the general manager of sales suggest to understand the key customer.

If he is the one, give them fresh pair & if he is not, please deny his requirement. Scope of Analysis: The assumption made Is that the company do not sell second stock. Here reference taken Is only communication that held between customer & staff of the showroom. Alternative Solution & their Evaluation: 1 ) If Any Customer asks to replace shoes & film replace the same without any hesitation.

Merits: Customer will be happy & will become loyal customer. He will suggest to others Demerits: He may fool company by false claiming.

2) If Any Customer asks to replace shoes & firm deny the same as per the company policy. Merits: Fraud will be avoided from false claiming customers Demerits: Customer may get angry. He will not come back & may spread bad words to others as well. 3) If Key Customer asks for replacement & firm replace the same. If Non Key Customer asks for replacement & firm deny the same as per company policy gently.

Merits: It will be k to tolerate loss by the key customer as it will make him happy & well De Dentally to Utter Dustless AT ten Tall as nee well spread good words among others. The loss occur by Non Key Customer will not affect the business much as company is able to tolerate loss occurred by the same. Demerits: Key Customer may fool company by false claiming & business of company may harm if he spread bad words among others. Recommended Solution: 0 The Recommended Solution for the case is to Segregate Key Customer & give premium to them only as mentioned aforesaid in solution 3.

It will help firm to regain confidence of key customers & to get repetitive business with large amount from the customers directly or indirectly. Conclusion: After evaluating different options for the solutions of the case, we come to conclude that it is very important for the company to segregate key customers & give them premium even on account of loss of the firm, as they may give repetitive business with big cash flow.

Company should deny demand of Non Key customer as it may harm the company by repetitive false claim by this customers which are not so much contributing to business of the company.