Case Study on Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal Case Study:

Garbage disposal is the device which is used to grind and chop the food wastes into the small pieces.

The garbage disposal unit is mainly placed on the kitchen below the sink and it is used to grind the wastes and bring good to the natural environment.Evidently, food wastes occupy more than 20% of the wastes produced at home and something must be done to neutralize them. The wastes which are not chopped can be quite dangerous for the natural environment. The wastes are generally stored in landfills and with the run of time the products of the food wastes’ disintegration produce the carbon dioxide which increases the danger of the greenhouse effect. In order to solve this problem effectively the garbage disposal was invented in the first half of the 20th century in the US.Since that time the device has survived several improvements and modifications and today it is used nearly in every home, in big organizations, transport (metro, trains) for the processing of the food wastes.

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The economic and ecological benefit of garbage disposal units is very high. First of all it is not reasonable to fire the food wastes, because their quantity is so high that it can cause harm to the nature. The device’s motor consumes little electricity and after grinding the wastes it throws them into the sewage system where they are kept in water and processed under the effect of the various techniques: physical, chemical, etc. Many countries start to borrow the US technology of garbage disposal units in order to reduce the exhaustion of landfills and to take advantage of the produced biogas from the remains of the grinded wastes.Garbage disposal is the useful US device which is supposed to solve the problem of the neutralization of food wastes and its popularity grows rapidly conquering many countries.

The student who is going to research the issue of garbage disposal unit for a case study should learn about the history of the creation of the device, the mechanism of its use and its pluses and minuses.It is important to define the cause and effect of the work of the garbage disposal and demonstrate how it influences the nature and economics. Of course, the student can suggest his own version of the device which would not have the disadvantages existing in the current ones.In order to solve the problem of case study writing, the student is welcome to use the help of the Internet and he can always find a free example case study on proper garbage disposal analyzed by an expert. One has the opportunity to learn to choose the right methods for the research of the issue and construct the appropriate structure of the text on the basis of a free sample case study on garbage disposal in metro cities vs towns.