Case Study on Gender Budgeting

Gender Budgeting Case Study:

Gender budgeting is the strategy of the equal distribution of resources between the representatives of the different genders and meeting their requirements. Evidently, the problem of gender issues is quite a broad one and it touches upon also the sphere of finance and management. Gender budgeting is aimed at the maintenance of the both male and female rights in different sectors of their life. The experts understand a lot of things under the name of resources, though their main components are money and time. Gender budgeting focuses on the appropriate organization of the paid and unpaid job and on the right distribution of money between the male and female employees.

The problem is quite a relevant one, because it happens that male employees receive more than women, in spite of the fact that the amount of time or the working hours are equal.Moreover, years ago the female salary was lower than the male one and the working hours were longer for women as their rights were not supported. The problem of gender budgeting exists in all spheres of the human life and the women’s financial rights are supported legally in public organizations and private firms and corporations. Gender budgeting is also the planning and critical evaluation of the average expenditures of money and other resources by men and women in order to understand that policies and innovations should be introduced to satisfy the actual financial and other needs of both genders. The issue of gender budgeting in public sector is quite a complicated one, because the organizations have to take into consideration the requirements of both genders to satisfy their needs, for example, when embodying a certain public project they analyze its usefulness for both genders.Gender budgeting is a specific topic which can be interesting for every student who is a keen sociologist or economist as the topic is quite a broad one and can be researched in numerous ways.

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The student is able to observe the problem on gender budgeting in detail and research a case suggested by the professor devoted to this issue. The student is expected to learn about the cause and effect of the problem and try to solve it is the right way demonstrating his creativity and critical thinking skills.A good case study can be written under the assistance of the Internet as one is able to read a free example case study on gender budgeting prepared by the well-educated expert. It is quite useful to look through a free sample case study on gender budgeting and get to know about the methods of the research, the right approach towards formatting and logical construction of the text.