Case Study on Globalization

Globalization Case Study:

Globalization is the process of the global political, cultural and economical unification. Years ago every country lived a separate life and relied on its own resources and natural and economical potential. In the long run of history many processes became common in a range of countries in the world and countries began to cooperate and trade with one another.

Today there is an exchange of goods and services not between a narrow circle of countries, but in the global market. The existence of the global market gives the chance for competition, but frankly speaking a few monopolistic corporations have divided the whole world into their areas of influence and they control the economical situation of the world. Then, not only economical but also political processes are under the effect of globalization.A range of common political decisions destroy sovereignty of countries, which have to follow various international treaties, acts and contracts. Every country has to follow economical treaties, environmental protection acts and other international laws if it wants to live in peace and continue cooperating with other countries.

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The process of globalization touches upon the problem of unemployment and migration. Employees who can not find a job on their motherland have to migrate into another country and look for good life there. As a result people start migrating seriously and it often becomes a problem for the host countries which have to keep immigrants on their territory. Globalization affects on the culture and moral values badly. Mass and popular culture is the tragic result of globalization, because it is aimed to entertain but not teach and develop people. Finally, globalization influences the quality of goods and services offered today.

The quality reduces because masses accept it as it is and the process will continue further with the same tempo.A well-organized case study should illustrate the problem of globalization from many sides. It is obvious that without cooperation and international relations it will be impossible to live the normal life, but the process should be strictly controlled by the local governments, otherwise the world will turn into the one global grey mass and countries and people who possess unique features, customs and traditions will mix in the great pot called Earth. The paper is supposed to be interesting and thought provoking, so one should read much to prepare it well.In order to collect data and analyze it carefully one will require high-quality help of the professional writer in the form of a free case study on globalization in India. Papers like that will provide students with data and teach them how to research the concrete particular cases effectively.

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