Case Study on Illiteracy

Illiteracy Case Study:

Illiteracy is the human characteristic which is associated with the poor level of education, especially reading and writing. Illiteracy is the indicator of the economic and cultural development of the country. The connection between finance and education is very obvious, because if the government has money to donate it into the improvement of education, building of new schools, the level of illiteracy would be lower. Years ago the problem of illiteracy was extremely widespread. Only rich people could afford to send their children to schools where they learnt to read, count and write.

The poor had the limited opportunities and very few of them could be called the literal ones. The problem depends on the financial background of the family. If the family was big, children mainly started to work early and devoted no time to school even if it was free. Today the problem of illiteracy is getting less dramatic, because more and more children attend school and can read and write.Nevertheless, there are still the third world countries the children of which do not have the opportunity to gain basic education, because they have to work and support their families. In spite of the economic background of the problem, there is a physical one.

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There are people, who simple can not learn to read and write and this disability is called functional illiteracy. The functional illiteracy can be the result of the certain diseases, the long absence from school, etc.Illiteracy is an serious problem which has to be solved effectively, because the illiterate person does not have the chance to get education, find a good job and make a successful career. In addition, it is even impossible to live in the society, because the simplest operations require the skill of writing or reading. The student who has decided to research the case on illiteracy should dwell on the investigation of the case site, interview the illiterate person, learn about her family, job, preferences, define whether illiteracy causes problems to her in everyday life.

There are of course other types of case studies mainly general ones, which simply research the cause and effect of illiteracy in the chosen area, country or the whole world and require the student’s ideas concerning the solution of this problem.Case study writing is a difficult process which requires knowledge and scrupulous analysis of the chosen topic. The student can take advantage of a free example case study on illiteracy in India written by a well-educated writer. With the help of a free sample case study on illiteracy it is possible to improve the knowledge on formatting, composition of the text and the appropriate analysis of the problem.