Case Study on IPO

IPO Case Study:

Initial Public Offering is the first public sale of stocks of the private company. The sale can exist in different forms. First of all there is a direct sale of the existing stocks which have already been printed and the second way is the sale of the additional stocks which will appear in the second wave.

The major aim of the creation of IPO is the achievement of the so called founder’s profit – the profit gained by the founders of joint stock companies in the form of the difference between the sum of the produced stocks and the capital which has been actually invested into the joint stock company.There are several methods of carrying out the process of IPO: the method of the fixed price; the method of auction; the method of formation of application books. The method of the fixed price is characterized with the fact that the price is set before the production of stocks so that everyone knows their price which is more or less stable.The method of auction is more popular during the processes of privatization when the public company or enterprise is being privatized by the certain businessman.The local or state officials sell stocks to the one who is ready to give more money for them. The method of forming the application books is connected with the investment bank which takes the process of distribution of stocks among the potential investors under its total control.

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The practice of IPO is not a new one, because some of its variants existed in the Roman Empire. With the run of time the practice has survived a great number of changes and its variants exist in every country of the world.IPO is a practice popular in business which is based on the sale of the stocks of a company. The student is able to prepare a well-formatted case study which would be accepted by the professor if there is interesting content and well-analyzed problem in the text. The most important requirement of the paper is to research the definite case on IPO, think about the cause and effect of the matter and solve the problem in the constructive way demonstrating professionalism and maturity.

It is not easy to cope with the case study, because the student has to possess knowledge about the correct organization of the text and format of the assignment.It is possible to succeed in writing if one has the access to a free example case study on IPO in India prepared by the experienced writer online. The most useful way to see a good structure of the text is reading a free sample case study on Facebook IPO which is demonstrated in the Internet.