Case Study on Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction Case Study:

Job satisfaction is the level of the employee’s satisfaction with the conditions of work, salary and the working atmosphere at the workplace.

It is obvious that people work to make money and survive in the human society. In fact, the job must not only supply an individual with money, but also should be pleasant and useful for the self-development of the person improving her knowledge and mood.Unfortunately, the issue of job satisfaction is quite controversial and complicated, because more than 2/3 of employees are completely dissatisfied with the conditions of their work and the type of their duties. When the employee is dissatisfied with the job, it affects him badly, because such a person is vulnerable towards stress, nervous breakdowns and requires more time to recover. In addition, job satisfaction affects the employer and the firm, because if the person is dissatisfied, she will not be able to work effectively and the quality of her work will be poor.

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In order to increase the employee’s job satisfaction the employer can carry out a specific humane policy which is aimed at the improvement of the working atmosphere and employees’ rights. The employer is supposed to encourage his staff, provide them with the sensible advice, give them the chance of self-improvement, etc. If the employee receive the adequate wages, has the ability to organize his working time himself, is allowed to make a decision himself, he will be motivated to work harder and will feel that he is needed and will be satisfied with the work and its results.Job satisfaction is the issue which affects the quality of the work and has a direct impact on the human health, because a healthy employee is the hardworking employee. If the student is going to research the case on job satisfaction, he will need to learn about the problem in general and study the factors which influence this criterion and the methods which influence the job satisfaction and improve it.

in order to succeed in job satisfaction writing, the student should learn about the firm, the cause of the problems with the employee’s satisfaction and then evaluate the methods used by the employer to improve the situation. In the end the student is able to suggest his own ways of the solution to the problem demonstrating the positive sides of his knowledge.Case study writing is the process which often causes troubles to students, so one should apply for the help of the Internet and read a free example case study on job satisfaction survey written by an expert. It is the advantage if the student uses a free sample case study on job satisfaction, because he learns about the processes of formatting and construction of the appropriate structure of the paper.