Case Study on Juvenile Confessions

Juvenile Confessions Case Study:

Young people often commit crimes and should be punished for their illegal actions strictly.

On the other hand one should understand that severe punishment will not change the situation for the better or convince a young person not to commit crimes in future. Slight punishment is far more effective than the serious one, because it will be a serious lesson and experience for young person to change her life. When a teenager is caught by the police, he has two ways: to confess that he is guilty, or to deny his guilt.The first choice is considered to be more sober and intelligent, because when a person confesses, she usually receives less serious punishment. Unfortunately, the situation with young people is difficult, because very often they confess to the crimes under the pressure.

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A young person who has been caught near the place where the crime occurred (possibly by her friends or other teenagers she knows) can become a victim of false confessions. That means her friends made her make confessions to the crimes under pressure and threaten. Judges who are aware of the peculiarities of juvenile false confessions will think twice announcing the decision of the court.The problem juvenile delinquency is quite urgent nowadays. Young people commit as many crimes as the grown-ups do, that is why special judicial laws towards young people have been created.There are many cases connected with the confessions of the young people who have never committed any crimes but were seriously punished.

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