Case Study on Microsft

Why Is employee morale at Microsoft so low despite excellent pay, benefits, and working conditions? Morale compromises the enthusiasm and confidence of individuals but the employees from Microsoft have low on it because the management lack in terms of making their employees feel good on working in the company.

They may have given them excellent pay and great benefits but it isn’t enough unlike Google who have this so-called creature comforts or simply employee valuation.

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Microsoft’s way of attracting skilled employees is totally ineffective because it takes more than Just an above average compensation to make them feel valued. To improve such employees’ productive state, the top management should give value and encouragement to them. To make this happen, top managers could Implement programs or actively where their employees could relax and feel good, thereby, Increasing their morale to push them to provide better services for the development of the company.

Another, It s very important that Microsoft will provide programs that will ensure the safety and security of their employees in the workplace. 2. Which basic managerial roles and skills does Microsoft’s Lisa Brume need to use to convince her fellow Microspore that the organization really cares about them? Using her interpersonal skills, Lisa Brume needs this so she can personally interact with employees in the workplace. With her Interaction and relation towards them, It can give the employees a feeling of satisfaction that makes them feel that the management cares and values them.

She should learn how to understand and help them with their Individual concerns and motivate them so they will be able to effectively and efficiently function in their work.

As a manager, Lisa should also know how to handle and deal various employees who possesses different kinds of attitude, behaviors and personalities so she can understand and relate to them. Furthermore, if Lisa can relate and understand her employees, it will then be another reason for the employees to feel important and valued by the management.

Lastly, she should also serve as a good coordinator of activities between committees so there will be proper coordination for the development of the organization. 3. At which level of the Microsoft organization are the most critical problems occurring? It Is undeniable that problems could probably arise In an organization but most critical problems are occurring in the level of first-line managers.

These situations or predicaments napped In tens level Decease ten TLS-Ellen managers are ten ones responsible on the rank-and-file employees.

They are the bearers of information from the employees that includes their specific concerns and problems and communicate it to the top management for solutions. But if in case the first-line manager is ineffective, misunderstandings will occur. Next, they are also the ones who need most skills on achieving and accomplishing specific goals in an organization. They manage the effectiveness and efficiency of work to accomplish specific tasks. But if in case the first-line managers cannot do their work effectively, the organization can’t probably attain their goals.