Case Study on Network Topology

Network Topology Case Study:

Network topology is the method or type of the computer network’s arrangement. In simple words computer network possesses a certain structure and organization and the experienced programmer is supposed to know about the pluses and minuses of every system to create the most appropriate systems for the clients who want to set up a computer network at home, in the office, etc. There are different types of the connection of computers between one another within the single network.

Every programmer knows that there are two main kinds of network topology: physical and logical. Physical network topology is characterized with the physical means of the connection of the computers, which depend on the location of the computers and the quality and types of the cables.Logical network topology demonstrates the way of the data transmission within the computer network. There are several topologists which are widely used in local area networks, for example, bus, ring, tree, mesh, line and star topologies. In the simplest line topology where every computer is connected to the two other from both sides, in fact, the first and the last ones have only one connection in comparison with the ring topology where all the computers have two connections creating a circle.

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A star topology is quite a popular one, because the most powerful computer or the server is connected to all the computers separately, so the computers are connected only to the central one (the server). The most reliable and multitasking topology is the mesh topology, because all the computers of the network are connected with one another without the formation of the single center.The topic of network topology is the important one for every student who wants to connect his life with business and IT. A successful case study on the topic should be informative, logical and interesting. In order to prepare a good case study one should learn the whole topic at first and realize what a network topology is and then it will be easier for the student to investigate the limited problem related to network topology. One should research the case site, define the cause and effect of the problem and finally brainstorm possible effective solutions to the problem of the case, which will prove the student’s deep knowledge and understanding of the topic.

It does not worth mentioning that it is difficult to cope with the process of case study writing without the possession of the well-developed writing skills. If the student is an inexperienced one, he should read a good free example case study on network topology in the internet. It is wise to look through at least one free sample case study on network topology and catch the idea of the correct data analysis and formatting of the paper.