Case Study on Offer and Acceptance

Offer and Acceptance Case Study:

Offer and acceptance is the practice in the contract law when two sides interact with each other: the first one offers something (goods or services) and the second one accepts or does not accept it. When a businessman offers some services and goods, he just invites customers to purchase his goods but he does not make them do it. Every offer can be accepted by a customer or, on the contrary, one can refuse accepting the offer.

So, there are only two possible endings which depend on the positive and negative answers of the clients. When the offer is accepted, a contract is created which is managed by the special branch of contract law. It is obvious that an offer can be closely connected with the practice of advertising, because a businessman offers or advertises his production and waits till it is accepted. From this point of view it is clear that an offer should not be suggested only to one side or group of people, because nearly everybody can be the target of the offer and accept it. When the offer is accepted, the contract is signed but that is not all, because one can break the contract and demand other offers, which can be more convenient of profitable for the side which accepts them.

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Offer and acceptance is a delicate question, because the contract can be considered a legal one only if it is signed. Such things as promises are not treated seriously and if one has promised to accept the offer, he is not obliged to do it and vice versa.The question of offer and acceptance is quite a serious question which demands deep special and background knowledge. Moreover, everybody should be familiar with the problem, because every person plays the role of the one of the two sides: the one which offers and the one which accepts. A successful offer and acceptance case study should be informative, interesting and contain detailed analysis of the most important points of the topic.

One should study the laws and acts which regulate the offer and acceptance relation and present the key principles in the case study on the example of the concrete suggested case from the real life. Smart conclusions and wise solutions will demonstrate one’s knowledge and critical thinking skills.In order to cope with the writing process, one should take advantage of a free example case study on offer and acceptance in the web. It is easy to find a well analyzed free sample case study on offer and acceptance written by an expert and constructed for your convenience. Such a paper can raise your knowledge and improve your writing skills and critical thinking abilities.