Case Study on Plagiarism

Plagiarism Case Study:

Plagiarism is a widespread illness that hit society of 21-th century. Plagiarism happens when someone represents any intellectual and other kinds of property that does not actually belongs to him as his own. This is a huge problem of modern society that especially aloud in conditions of unlimited access to the Internet that provides people with information without geographic and type ranges. The problem of plagiarism is very important and stressing nowadays.

With the rapid development of science and literature it is becoming difficult to create something new. Nevertheless people dream to become famous writers or scholars and simply steal the content of the works and publications of other scholars. The phenomenon of plagiarism is very stressful for writers, because they work hard and spend much time to writing brand new interesting things and somebody simply steals their ideas. Such actions are considered like academic dishonesty and lack of ethics. Today a range of laws and juridical acts have been signed in order to protect intellectual property but still situation remains unregulated.

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Plagiarism has become widespread nowadays. The situation is the most problematic in education. Students from high school to college and university have to prepare various written assignments on different topics and disciplines. It is obvious that most of them try to avoid spending time on writing, so they download or buy papers in the Internet. It does not worth mentioning that most papers available in the web are plagiarised and thousands of students use them for writing.

Teachers can simply recognize a plagiarised paper, because every scholar and writer has his own style which differs greatly from the students’. A well-composed case study explains the origin of the term plagiarism, reveals its background, cause and effect. Besides, a case study contains the problem under investigation on the direct example, so one has to analyze the case and brainstorm wise solutions to this problem.When a student is asked to make a good case study, he is expected to prepare a nice analysis of the problem under research. A student has to research the case site and realize the reason of the problem and its consequences. Evidently, it is problematic for an inexperienced student to cope with the assignment of such complexity, and he looks for the way out in the Internet.

The web can be very helpful for young people, because it offers free sample case studies on plagiarism problems, which can be good models for paper writing. If you do not know how to organize a good original paper yourself, take advantage of a free example case study and see how to make a proper structure and format of the paper and observe the whole manner of writing, the standards of professional case study writing.