Case Study on Railway Reservation System

Railway Reservation System Case Study:

A railway reservation system is a useful service which enables people book railway tickets online saving their time, energy and money. Today, nearly every railway company in the world offers a special reservation system in order to make the life of their passengers easier. Railways are still considered to be the most popular means of transportation, that is why more and more people take advantage of it every year. It is obvious that it is difficult and unpleasant to spend long hours at the booking office in a long queue in order to purchase a ticket.

No wonder, the majority of people are frustrated and nervous and experience strong stress while buying the ticket at a booking office.The process can be definitely called unbearable. Transportation companies, including the railway ones, have decided to provide their clients with the opportunity to book tickets online. It is really convenient to sit in front of the computer screen and book the very ticket one needs at a moment’s notice without leaving one’s home. The railway reservation system is a complicated service with a broad and strict structure available in the Internet and can be observed on the example of the website of the railway company. A client is required to log in the system and there he can find all the necessary information about the tickets, their price, terms, discounts and all possible routes and types of trains.

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The system provides clients with information and enables them book tickets online and pay with the help of a credit card, so that there is no need to go to a booking office any more. This service safes time, money (it is possible to find a cheap route or class of a train) and nerves of a customer.The topic of railway reservation system can be called an interesting one, because more and more companies offer the opportunity to book tickets online. In order to complete a successful railway reservation system case study a student should spend time to research the case and collect information about it. Then one is supposed to think about the cause of the problem and its effect. Finally, a student should summarize the problem and suggest the most appropriate solution to the problem demonstrating his knowledge and professional skills.

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