Case Study on Six Sigma

Six Sigma Case Study:

Six Sigma is the concept of management, which was worked out by the Motorola Company in 1980-ies and became well-known due to Jack Welch who made this strategy the principle one in General Electric. The meaning of the strategy is the improvement of the processes of production on all levels and the reduction of defects to the minimum. The concept uses the methods of quality management, statistic methods, requires the creation of the special groups which are responsible for the improvement of the quality of work and improvement of the processes of production.

The name of the concept comes from the statistic term ‘standard deviation’ which is signed with the Greek letter sigma. The concept of Six Sigma describes the sigma-rate of deviation or the percent of the production made without any defects. For example, the successful process of production conducted under the control of Six Sigma is the one which gives only three or four defects on one million of operations. The Motorola Company set the standards of Six Sigma in its process of production and this standard is now considered to be of the highest success. The concept of Six Sigma is based on the great number of factors related with quality and human resource management. The core principles which maintain the standard of Six Sigma are: the interest to the clients and their requirements, definition of the problems and their reasons, measurement of the improvement process, analysis of the cause of the defects, improvement of the defects, control over the quality of the process of production and maintenance of the quality of services.

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Six Sigma is an interesting and useful topic for the research, because it helps students to get to know about the process of quality management more and broaden their horizons and professional skills with the help of the analysis of the definite problem. A successful Six Sigma case study is supposed to reveal the problem from all sides and explain the nature and cause of the problem which has occurred in the case. One should research the case site and analyse the processes of production and learn everything about the standard of Six Sigma there. Then it is important to analyze the effect of the problem and think about the appropriate methods which can solve the problem successfully.In order to cope with the assignment of case study writing a student can take advantage of the Internet and read a free example case study on Six Sigma implementation written by the experienced writer there. It is helpful to look through a successful free sample case study on Six Sigma in India and learn about the correct processes of analysis, composition and formatting of the paper.