Case Study on The Hotel Industry in Kenya

This chapter examines the background on the study, the statement of the research problem and the purpose of the study.

The research objectives research questions, the coalescence of the study, and limitation of the scope of the study are also explained. 1. 1 Background of study.

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Hotel industry is all forms of business relating to provision of accommodation in the lodging, food and drinks and various types of other services that are interconnected and form intended for the public services, both of which use the lodging facilities or ho simply use the services or the production of certain services of the Hotel. As such Hotel mean commercial establishment providing lodging to travelers, tourist and sometimes to permanent residents and often having restaurants, meeting rooms, stores that are available to general public.

Hotels are being classified into “star “(1-start-05-star) even though there are no standard methods of assigning those rating and compliance with the customary requirement Is voluntary.

Hotel chain provides a uniform standard through out non-chalk hotel(even within the same entry)may not agree on the standard, although both World Health Organization (WHO) and International Standard Organization(also)have been trying to persuade Hotels to agree on some minimum requirement as world norm, the entire membership of Paris base International Hotel and Restaurant.

Association opposes any such moves. According to (II&RA) to harmonize the hotels classification base on single grading(which is uniform across national boundary; as a rough guide on the bases of I-star Hotel, 2 star hotel, 3 star hotel. A star hotel and 5 star hotel such eating differentiate the hotels with regard to provision of their services as ranging of limited amenities but adhered to a high standard of facility, wide cleanliness to widest range of most luxuries premises and guest services as well as swimming pool, sport and facility. M. W.

Booking. Com/Hotel.

In asses the Government of Kenya was quite aware of the adverse effect of dominance and control of hotel Industry by the foreigners due to repatriation of profit, Importation of personnel and some foodstuff, therefore establishment of Kenya Tourist Development Corporation in 1965 aimed to reek of the monopoly enjoyed by foreigners despite the commitment to the modernization of the hotel industry and sustenance of the tempo of tourism, the Government focused its attention mainly on the international tourism while a substantial amount of money was set aside to promote domestic tourism in the first decade of independence. R. M. Macon, 1992) A continental research study released for Africa Hotel Investment Forum which was for Nairobi September (2012) revealed a positive spike touching on the number of multinational hotel investors rushing to set up operation In sub Sahara Africa.

Kenya Is emerging as a fast growing hotel Investment destination with International chain such as; Best Western, Radiations Blue, Park Inn, and Three Scales branded hotel all under construction- and 200- room Lonesome Hotel. New brand on the drawing board; (Mr.. Needed 2012).

Kisser (2003) the term service delivery platform usually to set components that provide service allover architecture (sun as service creation, Gleeson Ana protocol) Tort a type AT service different players define its component and it breath and depth is a slightly different way of Maintaining high quality services, the hotel is faced by the halogens of accommodation and food if the services rendered and product issued do not fully fit the customers’ expectation, poor quality service deliveries will be established from the customers’ perspectives.

Its vital for the hotel industry therefore to acknowledge the message that quality is really about satisfying the needs and expectation of the customers. Menial al (2010) agree that the provision of duty is not easy task to meet because it feature. Product too, and high level of interaction and that implies that their should be high degrees of professional an other factors like staff motivation, efficiency, consistency, speed of the delivery as well as friendliness of the employees is also integral elements for customers and these attributes attract them to revisit.

To ensure public counter ability ,yet to goon optimum impact, through the use of commercial best practice, there is a need or for professional training and education of those personnel responsible for the strategic direction and partial action . Professionalism can be only come from full understanding of all the issues involved ,a sound knowledge of the legal and commercial aspects and the nonevent to make decision that effectively balance the tension , it has been rated as the most influential factors in gaining the customers’ satisfactory loyalty and intentions to revisit. 1.

2. Profile of Nairobi Serene Hotel Nairobi Serene Hotel is situated in the heart of Nairobi city; the extensive ground of Serene Hotel contains a fitness centre and spa. Justly fame for its exceptional standards of efficiency services and five- star hospitality, the elegantly sophisticated Nairobi Hotel is a member of the leading Hotel of the World group and is consistently doted “Best Hotel” in Nairobi City by Airline and International Travel Magazine alike. Despite its pivotal central location, the Serene Nairobi Hotel remains true to its title and offer s an oasis of serenity a mid of bustle of one the Africans most vibrant capital cities.

Nairobi Serene Hotel offer a fine -dinning restaurant with a seasonal menu and extensive wine- cellar Guest can enjoy a variety of snacks and drinks at the pool side bar, cocktails at the Assume Bar. The 24 hrs front desk can organize concierge, limousine and baby setting services or make an appointment for guests at a site hair alone, free private parking is provided and a shuttle is provided upon the request to Com Kenya Airport (AKA ) km away, Railway Golf Course is 3 km away and Nairobi Park is within 9 km drive.

The elegant and precious rooms and suites are decorated, with worm colors and wooden furniture, equipped with air conditioning and a private bathroom. The interior deco reflects an entirely Pan Africa theme featuring art and inspiration from Ethiopia, the Massager. West Africa and East Africa, offering a range of dinning experiences, the Hotel in Kenya is renowned for its Adair fine – dining restaurant which is rated as one of the Seaman’s finest.

Nairobi Serene Hotel also offers a world class conferences entire and the elusive “miasma” Health Club and Spa . Analogy clay unaltered Dustless venue AT sconce Don Tort vaulting executives Ana Tort the regional corporate events.

Planners, Nairobi Serene Hotel offer unrivalled choice of the executive suits, global connectivity conferences planning proficiency, product launch experts and high- proof international corporate events venues. Organization Structure Source: Serene Journal (1998) 1. 3 Statement of the problem

The Hotel industry is a broad categories of field within the services industry that Include the lodging and restaurant, event planning them park, transportation cuisine Line and addition fields within the tourism industry, it is several 1 billion dollars industries that mostly depends on the availability of leisure time and dispensable income. The dynamic of the customers’ culture, need and expectation not only computed the hotel industries to high professional in the field. It is also invested in the sophisticated assets challenge the unique services like conferences facilities that can e matched with other partners in the same field .

As such the industry has been Taco Walt n ten generalness AT competitions together Witt ten upcoming International communication technology where by the manager of the hotel industry are tying to find a working formula to take advantage of the others for proper satisfaction of their customers needs and expectations.

O For services delivery to be noticed by both parties that is the customers and the hotel management there is a need to find a plan for meeting such objectives in form of strategy and that will enable the management offer continues improvement services livery.

Therefore this study is being looked into to find how the competition, training strategy and Information Communication Technology pose challenge to the hotel industry to the management in service delivery. 1. 4 Objective of the study 1. 4.

1 General Objective The purpose of this study is to establish challenges facing services delivery in the hotel industry in Kenya with reference to (Serene Hotel) 1. 4. 2 Specific objective I. To determine the effect of the staff training on service delivery in Hotel industry it. To establish the effect of competition in service delivery in the Hotel industry iii.