Case study on Visual Impairment

Visual Impairment Case Study:

Visual impairment is the condition of the serious loss of vision because of various factors. The characteristic feature of visual impairment is that it is impossible to restore the person’s vision, as all the operations and lenses are helpless. Visual impairment occurs because of the impact of various factors, like physical damage of eyes, genetic problems, cataracts, diabetes, glaucoma, psychological disorders and problems with the central nervous system. Visual impairment is becoming a serious problem of the human society, because the number of the people who have problems with vision is constantly increasing.

Very soon more than 10% of all the people of the developed countries will have serious problems with eyesight and it will be impossible to cure them. The main reason of this fact is that the people of the developed countries exhaust their eyes rapidly being under the constant impact of stress and digital devices, like laptops, PCs, smart phones, pads, etc.When visual impairment is met at the educational institutions, the educational process should be conformed to the needs of such people. If students are partially sighted, it will be enough to increase the size of the print during the classes and reduce the use of the visual appliances. When the students have more serious problems, the methods of education should be far more different and focus on the use of the audio techniques. Totally blind people use the print of Braille and other means to read information.

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Visually impaired people have the same rights to live in the human society normally and it is important to provide them with the means which can make their life easier (books with the print of Braille, sound notification systems, etc).Visual impairment is a serious problem of the modern society and it is surely worth attention. A successful visual impairment case study should explain the problem from all sides and dwell on the types and risk factors of visual impairment and define the importance and relevance of the problem. The student who is investigating the case is obliged to collect many trustworthy facts about the problem, get to know about the cause and effect of the problem and think over the most helpful solutions to the problem.In order to cope with a case study the student can use the pluses of the Internet and read a free example case study on visual impairment composed by the professional writer. Due to the advantages of a free sample case study on visually impaired children a student can learn about the best manner of the research of the problem, the methodology of paper writing and the general norms of formatting and logical composition of the paper.