Case Study on Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Case Study:

Wastewater is the domestic, industrial, rainfall and ground water which is removed with the help of the sewerage system. It is obvious that without a sewerage system a city will not be able to exist normally.In order to maintain hygiene and sanitary in the separate apartments and the whole city the sewerage systems have been created. People use water for various purposes.

First of all we use for the domestic purposes, like washing, laundry, bathing, sanitary purposes, etc. Evidently, such water can not be used several times and it is important to remove it from the apartment in the effective way. Centuries ago there were no sewerage systems and people just poured the wastewater into the street. It does not worth mentioning that cities were extremely dirty and the terrible smell was felt in its streets. Moreover, wastewater is the reason of various diseases and epidemics. Then, wastewater from the plants, factories, power stations is also quite dangerous, because it is contaminated with waste materials and chemicals.

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Industrial wastewater is a big problem, because very often such water is not cleaned with the special filters and is simply poured into the rivers, lakes and oceans causing pollution and death of birds, animals and fish. Finally, the last kind of wastewater is the rainfall and ground water. This type of wastewater is the result of heavy rain and melting of the snow. The best existing way of waste water treatment today is the cleaning of the water in the special wastewater treatment plants, which clean the water with the help of chemical and physical processes.Wastewater has always been a problem for every city and now when clean water is considered to be an expensive and valuable resource which should be protected. A successful waste water treatment case study should be informative, interesting and of course thought provoking making people think about the value of water.

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