Case Study on Xerox Corporation

Xerox Corporation Case Study:

Xerox Corporation is the American corporation which is one of the leaders in the field of printing and copying technologies and is one of the prominent producers of photo copiers and printers. The history of Xerox is quite long. It was founded in Rochester, the USA in 1906 and at first manufactured photographic paper and the appliances used for the work with it. In 1947 the corporation started producing its first own paper photocopier and very fast the number of its customers grew, because the service of paper photocopying had been becoming more and more popular. There was the idea to call the appliance ‘xerox’ and since that time the process of photocopying has been called ‘xeroxing’ in many countries of the world and the process became a synonym of the corporation which produces copying equipment.

Today Xerox works in more than 160 countries of the world and manufactures more than 200 kinds of appliances. In spite of the fact that the work of corporation is mostly associated with the process of photocopying, Xerox produces printers, scanners, paper and the special computer software required for the work of its appliances. The service of paper photocopying is extremely popular all over the world, because the copying appliance has opened wider possibilities for people and economizes their time (people do not have to rewrite the text, they can simply copy it), no wonder the annual profit of Xerox is valued in millions of dollars.Xerox Corporation is one of the brightest examples of the success of the business which developed due to the smart idea of photocopying. It is interesting and useful to investigate the topic of Xerox and find out about the secrets of the success of the corporation. A well-organized case study on the topic is supposed to be informative and explain the problem suggested for the research from all sides.

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