Case Study – The Coca Cola Story

Your case study will examine the use of archetypes and the hereof Journey In the Coca-Cola brand story of your choice. Answer the following questions: Archetypes Identify the archetype in the specific Coca Cola story you chose. Outline specific evidence that Justifies your choice. Why did the brand choose this archetype to build the story from? What characteristics of this archetype fit well and which don’t fit as well? What buyer’s personae are they trying to connect with using this archetype and does it work in your opinion? Hero’s Journey Write a three sentence long summary of the hero’s Journey In the Coca Cola story you chose.

In your summary, Identify the hero (Who Is the hero; the product or the consumer), ten call to adventure (want Is ten Journey or ten goal? ), ten conflict (w stands in the way of reaching the destination or goal? ) and the resolution (What solves the problem and leads to success? ). Finally, tell us what the pay off is for completing the Journey. The Brand Story What specifically connects this story to the main Coca Cola brand story of associating peppiness with soft drink consumption? What other evidence identifies this story as a “Coca Cola” story? Identify the “call to action”.

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What is the story encouraging me to do? Is this successful? Why or why not? Other Elements How is music used in this story if at all? If it is used, is it an active part of the storytelling or does it serve as a background? If it is not used, would the story be better with music added? Why is music important in this story or not important for this story? How is text used in this story if at all? Does it tell the story, accentuate parts of the Tory, communicate the call to action, communicate the “tag line” or provide brand identification via name or logo?

How are special effects used in this story if at all? Do they add or detract from the story in your opinion? Are there any other story telling elements that are notable in your opinion? What are they and how are they used to enhance the story? Finally… What was the most interesting thing you learned by doing this project or what surprised you? Why? Do you think that this story is successful? Why or why not? What are your final thoughts in summary? Be creative, tell me a story and have fun with this!