CASE STUDY Transport

The Manchester Metro link The Manchester Metro link opened in 1992 and there have already been some extensions to the Network e. G. Sailors Quays and Cycles. The initial link ran from Bury to Altruistic serving 18 stations on the conventional rail network as well as 6 street levels stations in the city centre. There are plans to extend the network to Lolled and Recordable, Manchester airport, Gaston under Lynn, the Tradeoff Centre and Disturb and Stockpot.

The Metronome operates at Intervals of 5 minutes at peak periods, and 12-15 minutes at less busy periods.

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There Is a fleet of 32 vehicles making 52,000 Journeys every day- 19 million Journeys every year. Research suggests that at least 3. 5 million car Journeys along the Metronome corridor have been prevented each year as they claim “It provides an efficient and pleasant alternative, Metronome Is persuading commuters to get out of their cars and onto the trams” CASE STUDY: AWAY Quality Bus Corridor, Detonates

The CB stretches along the AWAY to the North of Detonates and along the AWAY Battery Road to the south. Features include: New dedicated bus lanes on the approach to the town centre, in addition to existing lanes of traffic. Upgraded bus stops along the route providing better waiting areas an information, including new shelters with lighting and seating to make waiting for the bus safer and more comfortable, textured paving to help people with visual impairments, raised Krebs to make it easier for people with mobility problems and electronic information about waiting times.

Two new park and ride sites at the north and the south with 400 car parking spaces at each.

Each has a ticket office, covered waiting facilities with seating, toilets and baby changing facilities, security staff and CATV. State of the art buses with the latest low emission engines. The AWAY CB has been designed to integrate with Detonator’s new public transport interchange at French gate in the centre of the town, which is close to the railway station.