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Her discharge medication regimen was Humbling N Insulin 8 units in the morning with Humanly 3 units, Lunch?Humanly 3 units and Human N 4 units with 3 units of Humanly In the evening with addition of 3 units Humanly If pre-principal Blood Sugars over 300 .

3. What is your nursing diagnoses for this patient? What teaching is appropriate aurally Ana rater noses utilization Tort ten newly Lagoons lope 1 patient The patient returned to the office the next day after discharge. She was using her father’s home glucose monitor 4 times/day and felt comfortable with technique.

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She was drawing up her insulin, but had not given a self-injection. Blood sugars per monitor were: Noon Supper High 120 (walk) 95 5. How would you change her insulin? After several days of fine tuning, M.

M. ‘s insulin regimen was: Morning : 12 units Lunch: Humanly 3 units Evening: Humbling N 7 Humbling N Humanly 5 units Humanly 3 She was back to school and giving her own insulin. She had a hypoglycemic reaction and responded appropriately. Activity varies with blood sugars lower after gym class and exercise with after school activities.