Case Study Vora

Blossom Quick oats were aimed to families with gig medium to high income. It high nutritive value of oatmeal porridge and appealed to housewives as it took less time than the old rolled out variety and were also easy to cook since they were pre cooked in the manufacturing process. Why did Blossom Failed????? Failure of Blossom can be attributed to the wrong marketing mix. The following points explain the reasons for Its failure: Withdrawal from the market created negative Image for brand.

Mammals SIS mark which was present on the competitors product. Sluggishness of Agents and Sub-agents. Agents and sub agents are not proactive as hey are not buying, stocking and distributing. Company does not have face to face Interaction with selling agents. Tin packaging is almost identical to Champion, difficult for customers to distinguish.

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“Quick Cooking” was typed in small font. Advertising was stopped as the cost was Justified by the sales. Pricing: Was priced sell than the competitor.

Since the target market is not price sensitive, less price gave the perception that the product is cheap. Blossom was actually being sold at a loss, which is explained in the financial analysis attached in the excel sheet.

* PLACE: Blossom concentrated major In South India where the Champion had a sizeable market share. Champion TLD fair well In North India. Blossom Instead of capturing North Indian market focused only South Indian market. Queues 1 . What is the most important statement in the case to dictate the strategy?


L According to us the most important statement in the strategy is “Mr.. Vera had not made a practice of visiting his selling agents, but communicated with them by II ” I Nils Is ten most powerful statement Ana negative In ten context AT ten business because the proprietor himself is not dedicating himself to the success of he product. He needed to contact the agents and sub-agents personally as it was his business and not theirs. Queues 2. Which relationship of Vera and co.

Is weak link in the company? Mans . 2.

According to us, the relationship of agents and sub-agents with the company was very weak. As given in the case – ” The agents and sub-agents did not act as full fledged wholesale distributors performing the functions of buying, stocking and distributing Blossom Oats in their territories. They acted rather merely as indenting agents, taking orders in case lots from retailers for shipment by Vera ND Company from Locknut. ” Secondly in the south region which had been the largest market of oats, the Vera and co.

Pointed agents that were new in the trade of selling food items. No salesman in the largest consumer area is definitely the weakest strategy. This is stated in the case as – “The agent appointed for these States was new to the sale of food products. The agency firm for some time had no salesman of its own calling on retailers and the sub-distributors appointed with selling right for various areas with the total area had produced very little business for Blossom Oats. “