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cases unclosed cases unclosed Andres Bonifacio I feel sad after watching the documentary film of Andres Bonifacio because his death is a justified execution for treason and a murder fueled by political politics. Seing what’s going on in our country now, and reading about what has happened before, I don’t really see much difference. It’s all about people not getting along, egos, ambitions and alliances. If they were just united during that time I think they will be successful in their mission of defending our country from enemies and gain the independence that they were hoping for.

I admire Andres Bonifacio not just for being a self-educated man but also for his courage to organize a secret society called Katipunan. I think what happen to the Tejeros convention was a big mistake because he don’t deserve to be insulted by Daniel Tirona just because of his educational attainment. That is why I understand him when he left and declared the results of the election null and void in his capacity as the Supremo of the Katipunan. And just because of this, he was executed together with his brother in Maragondon Cavite.

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It is really absurd unfair and I am very disappointed with what had happened because unlike other Filipino heroes who were killed by enemies they were killed by our fellow Filipinos. Antonio Luna Like what had happened to Bonifacio it would have been more acceptable if it was our enemies’ bullets that shot and killed Antonio Luna but no; it was rather the hands of our own fellow Filipinos who inflicted him with not less than 40 wounds.

It would even be more worth it if he died of fighting for the country but no, he was a victim of those cowards and traitors lurking behind the masks of “defenders of the country”.

Inspite of his low temperance I considered Antonio Luna as one of the great men of history because he has determination to fight and defend our country from Americans. He is also well prepare to fight and had this courage to depend the country until the end of his life. It is a bravery that some Filipinos don’t possess that time and because of this he gained many enemies. I felt sorry for Antonio Luna for they had all been unfair to him. But I do believe that Aguinaldo should not be blamed alone for his death because for me he is also a victim of circumstances.

In my interpretation the killing of Antonio Luna was planned smoothly by using the telegram that they had manipulated, he died without even knowing it. If at the start he was aware about this unscrupulous plan that they are planning against him, he could have avoided being killed if he just hadn’t appeared in Cabanatuan where in the said “telegram” the president summoned him. But he wasn’t distrustful or suspicious that he even left his accompaniment outside the premises leaving him unarmed and vulnerable as he entered on Aguinaldo’s camp.

The worst thing was: How come the soldiers who did him in were neither investigated nor punished? In our generation now, we need an Antonio Luna today who would not be listened to but, someone with the same act of bravery. Someone who’s intelligent enough to recognize the true horrors of what is going on in our present state of government GREGORIO DEL PILAR General Gregorio del Pilar fought a heroic battle at Tirad Pass in Ilocos Sur against a much larger American force to delay the American advance to ensure Emilio Aguinaldo’s escape is a sign of his loyalty to Aguinaldo.

Del Pilar was killed in the battle along with 52 others of the defending force. Inspite of criticisms about him, I still consider Del Pilar as one of the great Filipino heroes because saving Aguinaldo’s life is not just because of his loyalty and friendships to him but also a sign that he also cares for our country. I do not want to blame anyone for whatever happened in the past because like us our heroes were just a human beings too, imperfect, like all of us. Gregorio’s courage and determination to fight until his last breath are enough to consider him as a hero.

He deserves to be respected and be admired by our youth today because without him, we cannot live the freedom that we are enjoying now. Philippine Martial Law Learning about what happened in the past helps me to understand our current situation now.

I was inspired by the documentary film of Martial law because it gave me new information that was so important upon studying our history. I will admit that I am not so fun of studying our history but this time I could probably say that I love it now.

As I reflect on the movie I see that Martial Law in the Philippines violated Human Rights and Democracy in the circumstances of arrests, detentions and searches made without court orders that time. The fundamental principles of legality and due process have been neglected, with security forces having unprecedented powers given by the head of state under this martial law. Election frauds were also perceived. Justice among those involve were deserted and abandoned and Justice for the country’s democracy were put in to trash.

Martial rule and suspension of writ of habeas corpus, which allows warrantless arrests, detention and conduct of searches, have been a convenient solution for the police force’s incompetence in enforcing their rudimentary duties. The soldiers have cemented their de facto superiority over the police in conflict areas. Marcos is not as bad as we think of him because in his two first terms, Philippines was the envy of Asia because of its rapid growth and development. He built several schools, hospitals, roads and cultural centers. In my opinion, if he just stay as what he is before probably he will not be known as bad person.

But as people have the power sometimes they forget to fulfill their task as the ruler of one country. They forget the essence of leadership and human rights. And this is true in his time. And because of this selfishness and corruption, our country suffered from an economic slowdown that they increase the unemployment in our nation. High prices increases and protestors began to increase along some areas like plaza Miranda.

. Thanks for Nino Aquino, because through him, Filipino’s mind was enlightened to speak about their ideas and concerns about the government.

I was happy to know that although there were many negative effects of Martial law in our country, the unity of Filipinos during that time was rebuild w/c was never seen for a long time. As a conclusion, I hope that what happened during this time should not be taken for granted in a sense that those suffered during this time will be remembered and be given a chance to receive what they deserve to get from the government. And I am hoping that one day; there will be someone from Marcos family who will have the courage to apologize in public for what had happened before.

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