Cask of Amontillado Mini Analysis

Event 1. Montresor open the story by static that he has been irreparably insulted by his acquaintance, Fortunato 2. Montresor tried to take revenge. 3.

Montresor used Fortunato’s fondness for wine against him. 4. Montresor wore a mask and black silk approached Fortunato and told him how to pass for amontillado and told him if he busy, he could ask a man named Luchesi. 5. Fortunate is anxious to taste the wine and decided to come to Montresor’s vault. 6.

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The vault covered with niter or saltpeter, a whitish mineral, because of that, Fortunato began cough, but he refused to back to home. 7.Fortunato makes a hand movement that is a secret sign of the Masons. 8. Montresor didn’t recognize that hand signal, though he claimed that he was a Mason. 9.

When Fortunato asked for proof, Montresor showed him his trowel. 10. Montresor chained Fortunato into a stone 11. Fortunato absolutely trapped inside the wall. Plot Main Plot Montresor insulted by his acquaintance and want to take revenge.

He told him that he required something to pass for amontillado. Fortunato decided to come to Montresor’s vault, and explored all the area in that vault. In the end, Fortunato trapped inside the wall, and he couldn’t escape until he died.Sub Plot Montresor told him about Amontillado that made Fortunato interested to come to montresor’s vault. Actually, in that vault, there was a trap that had been prepared for Fortunato.

Conflict Internal Montresor had been insulted by Fortunato, so he decided to take revenge and prepared something in his vault for Fortunato. External Fortunato interested with amontillado and Montresor knew about his weakness. So, to lure him into his vault, Montresor told him that he requires something that could pass for amontillado. Climax Orientation Montresor had been insulted by his acquaintance whose name Fortunato.Complication Montresor wanted to take revenge and made him regret for his action to Montresor.

Rising action Fortunato wanted to come to Montresor’s vault because he interested with amontillado. Climax Fortunato fall sick because the nitre made him began to cough. But he kept explore the vault, even his men asked him to come back. Falling Action Fortunato found an interesting room. Where human bones decorated three of the four walls Resolution Actually the fourth wall was prepared for fortunate to trap him inside.

And in the end of story, Fortunato had been trapped inside.