SWOT Analysis

Step-by-Step Guide to Compose a Successful SWOT Analysis Paper

Many businesses like to use SWOT analysis in order to look at the external and internal strengths of the company. They can be changed, but often it does require work, and that’s what a SWOT analysis provides. It’s a big part of the overall business planning process, and it will save a person a lot […]

SWOT Analysis of Facebook: How has it survived for so long?

A SWOT analysis of Facebook means examining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats affecting the company. It currently remains the King of Social Media with over 2 billion monthly active users, despite repeated controversies over the last year. How has it survived for so long? And will it continue? This SWOT analysis answers those questions […]

SWOT Analysis of LED Smart Lights: Fighting the traditional light bulb industry

Smart lighting. It gives you greater control of the lighting in your household. Consider this: You could change the color and intensity with a click of a button on your smartphone. You could set up motion sensors to detect when you’re in a room and then tune them to automatically shut off when you’re not. […]

SWOT Analysis of Smart Speakers

Do you have smart speakers in your home? Over 15 percent of U.S adults do. This number may shock you. Perhaps you think it’s too low based on how convenient these speakers are. Some can even control your car! Other people, who worry about their security, are probably aghast by this number. Why would anyone […]

SWOT Analysis of Fitbits: Strengths and Weaknesses in Wearable Tech

A Fitbit is a small accountability buddy attached to your wrist. It measures and monitors the number of steps you take, your heart rate, calories burned, sleep behavior, weight, and water intake. If you want, it can also measure menstrual cycles (like a period tracker) and how many floors you go up and down. Despite […]

SWOT Analysis of WhatsApp Messenger explains why it’s not infallible

WhatsApp is a free Voice over IP (VOIP) and instant messaging service. It’s available on all major platforms and allows users to voice or video call, send texts, images, and funny little emojis. It’s beloved by a billion users, but it’s not infallible. This SWOT analysis of WhatsApp Messenger explains why. Strengths: The leading messenger […]

SWOT Analysis of VPNs for Business: The Importance of Encryption

In this article we look at the best VPNs for your business. Plenty of high-quality publications, like Forbes, are now beginning to advise the business world about the importance of utilizing cybersecurity products in order to encrypt and lock down their data in order to promote a secure workplace. What do we mean by business […]

How to Research And Write A SWOT Analysis

If you want to research and develop your own SWOT analysis from scratch, you’ll need to think about a few things first. A SWOT analysis is a type of study. It focuses on four main components of a topic: strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Most SWOT analyses are written about companies, products, and industries (your […]

How the Stock Market Can Help You Write a PESTLE or SWOT Analysis

People invest in stocks every single day because it can improve their finances, serve as a passive income stream, and build capital. For some businesses, the discussion of stocks was so “fundamentally important”, a native stock app was included on their products. I’m talking about Apple products (iPhones, and iPads). Keep in mind, iPads didn’t […]

Organize Your Holiday Goals With SWOT Analysis

The holidays are right around the corner — will you be able to achieve all your goals? A SWOT analysis is an effective way to make sure you do. A SWOT analysis is a method of study involving two internal and two external factors. The internal factors are Strengths and Weaknesses. You have control over […]

Why the End of the Year is the Perfect Time for a Business SWOT Analysis

You’ve reached the end of another business year yet again. With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to sit down, relax, and enjoy what remains of the year. …well, not quite yet. You see, this is the perfect time to do a SWOT analysis of your business. You’re on the cusp of a […]

SWOT Analysis of Instagram: Is Facebook both a blessing and a curse?

Instagram is where people go when they’re fed up with Facebook. You can share your life in as many pictures, videos, and Insta-stories as you like. You can keep Mom and Dad up-to-date with college and work. You can sell products to customers directly. And you can be hired by businesses to show off their […]

SWOT Analysis of PepsiCo: Industry domination with a massive portfolio

PepsiCo has dozens of products under their belt. You can buy these products here in the United States or venture across the world and grab a bottle in Japan. So, anyone who hasn’t heard of the PepsiCo brand has likely been living under a rock. This SWOT analysis of PepsiCo examines what the company does […]

SWOT Analysis of IKEA: What’s the Brand’s True Strength?

In this article, I explain the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats — also known as a SWOT analysis — behind the furniture retailer, IKEA. IKEA is well-known around the world for being that Swedish company offering inexpensive products for your home. It’s a staple for people with lower income who still desire design, but at […]

SWOT Analysis of Dell Technologies: Is the Declining Laptop Market a Major Threat?

Learn about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in this SWOT analysis of Dell Technologies. Founded in 1984, Dell Technologies quickly became a household name. At one point, nearly everyone had a Dell computer. But now? The brand is scarce among the competition. You’ll find out why as you keep reading through this analysis. Recommended […]

SWOT Analysis of L’oreal: A Powerful Portfolio of Brands

L’oreal is the leading name in the cosmetic and beauty world. Their extensive portfolio of hair, skin, and makeup products is the reason why. This brand is the only one offering so many inexpensive as well as luxurious beauty options. And although the company has many strengths, it also has a few concerning weaknesses and […]

SWOT Analysis of Airbnb: Is its business model flawed?

Airbnb connects travelers from all over the world with local hosts. As a traveler or guest, you browse through Airbnb’s extensive catalogue of listings. Then you select a room that fits your mood. The host is paid for offering a space for resting and relaxation, much like a hotel. Except the guests get a unique, […]

SWOT Analysis for a Construction Company: Differences between success and failure

Where would our cities be without construction companies? They build our homes. Smooth our streets. Fix our cracked sidewalks. In most major cities, you can’t turn the block without seeing a construction crew working. Clearly, the construction industry is in need right now. But the need doesn’t guarantee financial growth. For any business, it only […]

SWOT Analysis of BMW: Is brand loyalty enough to sell cars?

Since 1916, Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) has been one of the leading luxury brands of vehicles on the market. It’s available in more than 150 countries and relies heavily on brand loyalty to sell units. But their wealth might have an end. Especially as BMW’s soars into debt and as consumers shift from luxury driving […]

SWOT Analysis of Burger King: Is the fast food industry saturated?

Burger King is a fast food restaurant now available on demand. Here in the West, you can order your food through an app. Or have a third party deliver the food directly to your door. There’s at least one joint in more than 100 countries. But it’s not the only fast food restaurant. In fact, […]

SWOT Analysis of Bitcoin: Do strengths outweigh its weaknesses?

Is Bitcoin a scam? This question remains in the minds of anyone who first learns about cryptocurrency. How can there be a currency where the value is decided by the people, rather than an institution? Who should invest into it? How does it even work? And most importantly: Do people really make money off Bitcoin […]

SWOT Analysis Of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are an interesting drink. It’s basically a method of keeping yourself alert when you’re otherwise ready for bed. It doesn’t get the same positive buzz like nootropics do. Instead, energy drinks have caused several deaths. And yet, the big brands behind Red Bull, Monster Energy, and Rockstar energy drinks continue to push out […]

SWOT Analysis Of E-Cigarettes

For decades people have reached for their cigarettes. Everyone did it. If you didn’t, you’d be the odd one out. Health risks hadn’t surfaced. And even as news slowly trickled down, people ignored the information. Tobacco and nicotine are addictive, after all. Once you start, it’s difficult to stop. But people wanted something else. They […]

3 Reasons Why All Business Analysts Should Embrace SWOT Analysis

A business analyst studies a variety of studies to use as problem solvers. Everything from a risk analysis to STEEPLE is known — even used — by the average analyst. An analyst needs a heavy arsenal of variety to treat the many different problems arising in a business. And that arsenal wouldn’t be complete without […]

This Is Why SWOT Analysis Is More Important Than You Think

Have you ever wanted to know your true strength? Maybe you’re tired of watching opportunities slip by — but don’t know how to grab them. Everyone has struggled with these issues at some point. Any job interviewer is likely to ask you, “what are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?” It feels like a trap. Be […]

5 Surprising Disadvantages of SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is beloved. It’s touted for bringing quick insights. You don’t need data (although you should have it). You don’t need to hunch over your desk until your shoulders throb and your hand cramps. Any information you uncover may be used immediately to reach your goals. If you so choose. So, what’s not to […]

5 Things You’re Messing up with SWOT Analysis

You think you’re ready. You’ve grabbed your laptop. Maybe you’re going old school and got your notepad beside you. Either way, you’re ready to get this SWOT analysis started… But wait! I don’t want you to put in all that work, only to realize you’ve accidentally triggered a few mistakes. These mistakes can make it […]

SWOT Analysis Of The iPhone

The iPhone needs little introduction. You either have one or know someone who does. For many, you either love it or you don’t. iPhone users typically have no problem buying the next upgrade, even if it’ll cost them thousands out of pocket. In fact, the news media loved to post countless stories about thousands of […]

SWOT Analysis Of Netflix

You probably have a Netflix account. Almost everyone does. Seriously. Their consumer base is over 100 million people all over the world. And that’s not surprising when you consider the power of their brand recognition plus the content they offer. They’ve paved the way for subscription streamed content. Now, similar companies with matching buying power […]