Cause and Effect of Opening Act

In Opening Act when Jeff dumped Amanda, it caused a ripple effect. Because of this one choice, many things happened. It changed how Amanda felt about Jeff, her mom, her brother and even herself! When Jeff dumped Amanda for Marie McCall, it caused many events to occur.

Heartbroken, Amanda writes a love poem as a catharsis in her notebook. Amanda’s mom, thinking it was homework, reads it. Her mom is a famous celebrity in her hometown; she had won a singing contest on television about ten years ago. When Amanda had found out her mom had read her journal, she was mad about the invasion of privacy and began to ignore her family. However, her mom had loved it and tries confronting her daughter. She invited her daughter up onstage and performed the poem.

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Amanda’s anger was small compared to her stage fright and soon forgave her mom. Amanda had been nervous since she thought she could not sing. Nevertheless, even her rock-star brother loved it and wanted her to write a song for him. In the end, Amanda’s poem made by her broken heart changed how she thought about people. This was all because her mother had found the poem and then performed.