Ceemea Case

Attract new customer, retain & expend relationship Introduce new product, reduce cost Methodology & Approach PHASE 1 Current Status Assessment (Status now and what are the capabilities) ? Current business assessment ? Current ICT assessment PHASE 2 Plan Solution (Direction in the future) ? Strategic direction PHASE 3 Implementation (How to get there? ) ? Transformed solution, technology architecture, implementation strategy and cost estimation Implementation Plan Information Orientation (IO) Conceptual Diagram Change Requirements Technological Factor A centralize web-based platform (synchronization) Management Factor

Appoint Chief Information Officer (CIO) IT Executive for each country easy flow of information Organizational Factor Tactical Level Provide Training to adopt new technology Operational Level Usage of the system Proposed Solutions Customer Relationship Management Trading Information Flow Management Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) In Hybrid Cloud Risk and Credit Management Proposed Solutions Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud – PaaS provided by GoGrid Public Cloud Public Portal Private – Employees & Managerial Public – Employees, Managerial & Clients Cloud Computing Technology

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Services Type: IaaS: Infrastructure-as-a-Service PaaS: Platform-as-a-Service SaaS: Software-as-a-Service Proposed Service: PaaS: Platform-as-a-service – provides the firm with a development environment that IT staff can use to create new applications for the rest of the company (and the customers) to use. This is computer plus development tools. Cloud: Deployment Models Definition: > Public Cloud > Hybrid Cloud > Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Proposed concept: CEEMEA’s employees and managers will be able to access the public cloud hosting (portal) anytime, anywhere they want like their customers using the web browser.

Change Attitude Enhanced Performance Improved Service Delivery How To Implement ? Develop Management Training Center • Technical and specialist development program • Business manager and user’s training ? CEEMEA Group E-learning System • E-learning platform developed by CEEMEA Training Centre • One-stop online learning Portal • Increase reach for learning opportunities • Empower personnel in planning their learning needs • Learning anytime and anywhere at learners convenience • Promote continuous learning culture • Resource sharing – course and infrastructure

Change Execution Technology Investing in web-basedERP (Cloud Hosting) Change Execution People People Orientaion Policy Information Orientation Risks Mitigation • • • • User’s familiarity with the application Familiarity with the technology Project size Compatibility Technical Feasibility Organizational Feasibility • Strategic alignment • Stakehol