Cell Phones Can be a Good Use

Cell phones can be a good use today. Cell phones have an effective way on students good &bad. Cell phones should be allowed in school for emergency purposes and even for students to enjoy themselves when they have free time.You all don’t have any work, do what you like. This is a good time to get on your cell phone. Children in schools these days can stay out of trouble “kind of”.

When you have a cell phone you can listen to music, text, and get on internet. This is the little free time you have with cell phones.You said that we can not bring cell phone look at you now don’t know what to do. The ambulance is coming they get out and say “give me you cell phone”? He don’t got one. Why? I said not to bring them. This is why you should let them bring cell phones.

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Now this is why you should bring cell phones in emergency like these. Some parents don’t like to answer there phones because they think it is some crap. So you should let the kids bring cell phones.