Censorship of Students' Words

The dictionary definition of ‘censorship’ is ‘the practice of censoring’. But those four little words don’t even begin to describe censorship. The word ‘censorship’ cannot be described with a mere four words. It can be described in a book, a speech even and go on for hours on end. My opinion on censorship? It’s wrong on all levels.

Censorship started out as minor demands to hush one’s opinion but now it is becoming more frequently used throughout the world as we speak. One of the many places censorship occurs is in college, high school and university newspapers. Students aren’t allowed to voice their opinion as much as they should be. Newspapers are being censored left and right. If the person higher up doesn’t agree, the issue is dismissed without any democratic action. I don’t know about you, but personally I think that is just wrong.

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If you want to talk about tacos, you should be allowed to talk about tacos. If you wanted to talk about same sex marriages, you should be allowed to talk about same sex marriages. It is their opinion, and they should be allowed to voice it. Isn’t that what a newspaper is all about? Opinions, current news, sports etc. The higher ups seems to think that they own us.

Like the government. And in some ways, they government does. But it is our own fault. They may own our property. Our homes.

Animals. And they are beginning to gain control over our opinions and our voices too. The funny thing about censorship is that it violates several of the 10 Amendments. Our Founding Fathers developed the Amendments in hopes for their successors to follow and obey them. But censorship is contradicting them. Do we want to let the men and women who shaped this very country we know as the United States of America down? I didn’t think so.

In high schools all across America, the inspiring journalists on the school newspaper committee are being told what to say and what not to say. But isn’t it their paper? Isn’t it their voice that should be heard? Not according to the principals or the teachers or sometimes even the state. They want to own our voice. But we can’t let that happen. We can’t give up on of the few freedoms we have left. Did Rosa Parks give up her seat to the white man? No.

Did the members of the Boston Tea Party run away because they were scared? No. They stayed and fought for their rights. So what should we do about this? Protest. Fight for our rights. Give the higher ups a run for their money. Whether it be the principal or dean of a college, a university or a high school or maybe even the President of the United States.

We as the people of America need to take a stand. We need to let them know that our voice deserves to be heard. Will your voice be heard?