Driveway case study

Molder’s communication competency influence decision making at Driveway? Mueller responds via email to ensure timeliness.

?I’m compulsive about my e-mail. That’s one of my primary communication tools with the rest of the enterprise. It’s a one-to-many communication, so It’s more efficient” Mueller uses the richest form of communication ?face-to-face? to communicate with direct reports. ?”Then I’ll start walking around and going to visit each of my direct reports..

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I also have a meeting that lasts half an hour or an hour every ironing” Mueller prepares for uncertainties and crises through flexibility. “l Like to keep my schedule fairly open so that I can be in the moment with whatever the hot issue is?a customer problem or some opportunity. ” Mueller practices open communication.

?”l also have an open-door policy, and my office tends to be a gathering place. … Everyone here knows that even if there are three people In here talking about something, you can come in and Join in the meeting, too. ” Mueller practices active listening and pays attention to body language.

?I Just listen, engage, and remember what the salient points are. I find I’d miss certain nuances of the inflection in the voice, or body language. ” 2. What comments by Mueller reflect ethical principles? Relate the specific comments to the specific ethical principles. Golden rule principle: You act on the basis of placing yourself in the position of someone affected by the decision and try to determine how that person would feel. “With the CEO In the room It hampers full-flowing conversation because people don’t want to look stupid and you tend to get managed Information.


I encourage free- lowing conversation” Professional standards principle: You act on the basis of whether the decision can be explained before a group of your peers.

?l don’t do expense reports. I take all my receipts and walk them down to accounting and say, here, this is from a speech I gave In New Orleans And that’s as far as I go 3. Does Mueller appear to practice any of the concepts that are part of the evidence-based management model? Explain. The organizational chart is based on a hub with spokes. Mueller sees the limitations of this model. Problems of communication were evidence-based, not based on lams of disgruntled employees.

He takes steps to address the communication vacuum that this structure creates by increasing his meetings with direct reports. “I’m a kind of hub-and-spoke guy, so It’s me with this person or me with that one. But because of that hub and spoke, various guys were having difficulty communicating with each other. It became apparent that the different functions might not be aware of what the others were doing. So I Just agreed to do a meeting with my direct reports every week.

” 4. How does Molder’s leadership help to create an environment that fosters organizational creativity? Explain.

Molder’s learners reduces roadblocks to creatively Ana Innovation. Emotional blocks include the fear of making a mistake, fear and distrust of others, grabbing the first idea that comes along. “A lot of times I’ll dress really casually and speak very casually with the employees, trying to be Just one of the guys?of course, realizing that I’m not and they don’t see me that way. ” ?I’ll say, if I were you, the only reason I’d come here is because I have a crash- cost problem, or I Just don’t trust my employees.

.. Yes, but our main fear was that the union wouldn’t accept this. “