Chararcter Analysis

English Composition 6-30-2010 Inigo Montoya If you were fighting till death in a sword match, and you lost, but didn’t die, would you go back, rescue your opponent and save his life? This is exactly what Inigo Montoya did in the movie; Princess Bride. Throughout the movie, we find out that Inigo Montoya is a kind hearted and loyal character. Inigo Montoya is a kind hearted character. As we first get introduced to him in the story, he is ordered to kidnap and kill the “Princess Bride” which leads to a battle with her sweetheart, “Westley”.

During the battle, Inigo takes a blow to the head, and is knocked out.

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He is defeated by Westley. Despite almost being killed by Westley, Inigo ends up helping him later in the story. Inigo saves Westley’s life by rescuing him from the “Pit of Despair” where Westley is being held in a torture chamber. Inigo does not come through with the order to kill. Because of Inigo’s kind heart, he ends up befriending Westley, and saving his life. Inigo Montoya’s Loyalty is second to none.

He could be considered the most loyal character in the story.

His main goal from the start is to find the dirty antagonist 6 fingered man that killed his father. One of Inigo’s first questions for Westley was, “how many fingers are on your hand. A 6 fingered man killed my father and I am searching for him to kill him”. Inigo seems consumed throughout the film to find revenge on this man.

He appears devastated at the thought that he will not be able to fulfill this mission, for his father. Inigo’s emotions are evident when he turns to alcohol, becomes drunk, and falls into depression.

With the help of his new found friends, Inigo eventually regains his drive to revenge his father’s death. Furthermore, Inigo fulfills his promise to his father and successively kills Count Tyrone Rogers (the 6 fingered man) before he proclaims, “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father.

Prepare to die. ” Inigo Montoya is an important character whose kind heart and loyalty show throughout the story. Inigo befriends and helps all other characters, but keeps his one goal of revenging his father’s death.