Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Analysis

The technique of such distinctive writing and movies by Tim Burton leaves the audience with such amazement like Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and many more. Anyone can see that Tim Burton uses his own sense of style from the classics of childhood stories, and classic fairy tales. Burton uses his technique by putting different sounds and music to create mystery or suspense to the audience. Burton puts different emotions in the audiences hands to show the different moods in which the characters play. Because Tim Burton was influenced by Edgar Allan Poe, Roald Dahl, and Dr.

Suess, his films are characterized by childlike innocence, and playfulness coupled with a mysterious and somewhat deformed sensibility used by lighting, sound, and music. Tim Burton uses different lightings to set the mood in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to show the character’s personal emotions and what the world surrounds them with. When Agustus and Veruca find out that they have found one of little of the golden tickets, they use different lighting in each scene, to show where there family comes from. When Agustus notices he has been a lucky citizen, they use dark lighting techniques to show that the family is middle class, and also shows that they must have their own family shop to get money for the family. This sets a mood of Agustus being amused by finding one of the golden tickets, to go to the Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory(Charlie and The Chocolate Factory 2005). Meanwhile, while Veruca is lucky to find her golden ticket, thanks to her dad, it shows bright colors and long shots.

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To show the families wealth, considering their massive house and their own employees, bright colors are used to show that Verruca is spoiled and gets whatever she wants (Charlie and The Chocolate Factory). In his story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he uses different lightings to show the characters life in the film. By observation, Tim Burton’s Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, uses different sounds to show the actions of the characters, and props. When the lucky characters find their golden tickets, the photographers give sound of them taking pictures. The sounds of the photographers taking pictures show that the kids are special because are probably going to be on the news, on a magazine, or the newspaper. .

The photographers also represent the physical evidence of which kids were lucky to get one of the golden tickets and to be known as the four lucky winnersincluding Veruca, Augustus, Mike, Violet, and Charlie.(Charlie and The Chocolate Factory 2005). Sound is represented when one of the women that works for Veruca’s dad tries to steal one of the golden tickets. When this sound is presented, it is a suspenseful sound, to show mystery and mischievousness, when she tries to steal the ticket. An end stops to the sound when Veruca’s dad takes the ticket out of the workers hand (Charlie and The Chocolate Factory 2005).

In Tim Burton’s movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, sounds are presented to show the elements of the golden ticket winners by using props. Tim burton uses unique styles of music in his movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, to represent surprises and fulfillness from each place that the four lucky winners who got the golden tickets, live. Each time it shows a new destination of a new kid, Burton uses music to represent their culture including Veruca, because she is from Buckinghamshire, England. During the women working for Veruca’s dad, they are looking through multiple boxes to find the golden ticket in one of the chocolate bars for her. In this matter, he puts fast music in to represent the women working fast to find one of the golden tickets (Charlie and The Chocolate Factory 2005).

While they are in the chocolate land in the factory, Augustus falls into the chocolate river, and is sucked up by a big tube. Music is represented to create suspense after Augustus falls in because a tube from out of nowhere appears. This music is suspenseful because the characters didn’t know what to do when he fell in the chocolate river, and they weren’t sure what the clear tube was for (Charlie and The Chocolate Factory). In conclusion, with his unique styles of music, Tim Burton represents completeness to show the characters roles. His movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Tim Burton uses a distinctive sense of technique to astonish the audience with his writing and films.

By the films of Burton, he puts so many emotions and feelings in the characters. By adding music, lighting, and sound effects, the movie gives off another touch in which the audience is amazed by. This sense of style comes from the childhood stories and fairytales, which gives the films and writings a distinctive message. From the influence from Edgar Allan Poe, Roald Dahl, and Dr. Seuss, his films and writings regard to child playfulness sending in mystery and suspense from lighting, music, and sound.