Chestnut Drive Case Study

Your interests:Their interests: Short Term: Short Term: • Safety of our family • Finish project quickly with low cost 0 Construction site • Maintain good relationship with zoning cometee 0 Speeding trucks • Be able to sell the property at high value • Parking problems • Avoid liability • A lot of dirt (pool)Long Term: Damage to property (foundations) • Maintain good reputations • Noise is a problem (writing, music, sleeping) 0 Avoid reputation and publicity problems • Danger with vibartions / explosions (dentist) • Maintain low cost of operations • Have a single point of contact and responsibility 0 No accidents • Shorten the period of the project and the damages because of it 0 No delays due to damaged equipment or injured personnel Long Term: • New business potential (clients) • Increase property value • Use their facilities • Make sure there is enough parking Ensure no traffic congestions Your alternatives:Their alternatives: • Delay their project through injunction • Continue as it is 0 Require additional entry • Open alternate entry route 0 Require fence and lighting • Fence the area • Enforce safety regulations • Sue them for damages due to project 0 Restrict the speed of trucks and fine violators • Generate bad PR to project through: 0 Threaten to replaces vendors who do not comply 0 Demonstrations • Stop or sell project News 0 Etc.

• Initiate investigation into their practices and how the permits were acquired 0 Pressure zoning comeetee to withdraw permit • Pressure the authorities to increase reinforcement Your BATNA:Their BATNA: • Delay their project through injunction • Alternate access route (additional cost, steeper, land lost, change plans) 0 Require additional entry • Fence project 0 Require fence and lighting What options do you propose?Which problem do they respod to? Are they “Yesable” propositions? If no, how to turn them to “Yesable” ones? 1) To hire a safety manager to be in charge of all safety issues. 2) Indemnification (Compensation) for  all damages caused , each family will receive a certain amount of money (negotiated between both parties). 3) Build for the community a new public library or theater. 4) Commitment of the company to use the condominium facilities (swimming pool, whatever they have) forever. Pablo

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