Child Development Project

It was near the end of my freshman year at the Freshman building. As always all the students had to pick out what classes they want to take come forth sophomore year.

On the recommendation paper, there at the bottom right in the last row read”Child Dev”. I was thrilled when I signed up to takethat class, I’d I know what came with it. First day of Sophomore year, and to my surprise I had Child Development first bell. I go to meet my teacher, Mrs. Nelson, and I knew I was going to be fond of her class.

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Along with my new class was a take home project. This project was my final grade in the fourth quarter, did i mention it was also the biggest grade for my last quarter? This final grade was based on how well you took care of a mechanical crying-bottle fed-diaper changing baby. I know what you’re thinking “that sounds awful” well you’re right! I figured out for myself how terrible that machine was. When Mrs. Nelson first told our class about this project I was content, I love kids and babies. I was the first person in my class to put my name on the sign up calendar so i could take it home.

My assigned day was the second week of December, I was one of the first to take home the baby. This baby project was to be done over the course of two and a half days. The plan is to stay after school on the Friday you signed up for, the baby would turn on at 4 o’clock p.m. and the rest of your Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was miserable.