Child Nursing Resume

Nicky P.

22 Jump St. North Pole, Arctic Circle 111-222-3334 [email protected] PROFILE Nice, courteous young man with a lot of potential. Fluent in most languages whenever the phone is in hand. Fought off a shark twice with my bare hands! Work well with others if working alone.

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Good listener who is very responsible. Am a very compatible and caring person who always does the right thing no matter what. Will get work done without any excuses. Can fly a plane. Versatile worker, handyman, electrician, plumber, with the ability to learn any type of work. Strongest person in my household and am the right person for this job.

EXPERIENCE Dermatologist ,Research Loch Ness. ;Scottland -2002-2005 • Gained the ability to document important researched based information based on scientific knowledge. • The ability to look at an unknown object and diagnose what it may be through a conclusion made through clinically based research. Surgeon, Build-a-Bear, Medford, Oregon — 2009–2011 • Saved the lives of many and was the best at the job. • Gave hope of life of most children Bus driver, Magic School Bus Inc.

, Neverland — 2006-2007 • Drove children through different areas so they can do research and learn about a variety of topics. • Am able to transform the bus into any shape imaginable. Elderly Care, Shoveling Snow- 2002-present Engineer, Legos Inc.- 2004-2008 • Learned the ability to work with the elderly in need and help them with daily tasks to improve their living. • Gained the skills to work and communicate effectively with a diverse group of elderly.

Engineer, Legos Inc.- 2004-2008 • Created massive structures with intricate designing. • Was able to work around problematic situation where one block would not be able to fit and found solutions to improve the building structure. • Created the most massive Lego Iguana ever. SKILLS • Ability to find solutions to the most difficult of problems • Can diagnose people with sicknesses • Have the ability to work in a clinical curing those who are sick • Can take care of any age group • Can cure cancer and aids • Have the ability to become the greets nurse ever • Cab do the job of the doctor if needed • Can perform surgical procedures to save a persons life • Can work in radiology and anthropology AWARDS • Regional Science Fair Champ – Cured Cancer • MGH Award for the best student Nurse in 2014 REFERENCES Mavis P. (Mother) 781-222-4413 Barak Obama 781-111-111 EDUCATION Medford High School- Graduate 2014 Received High Honors in all Sciences and Math