China threat theory analysis

China is certainly a state that is on the rise; moreover, it will continue to rise for the foreseeable future. China has the largest population of any state in the world and it makes sense then that having finally utilized their massive working class the economy is on the rise. There are many who believe that this economic rise will lead to the eventual conflict between the United States and China. That claim is farfetched and greatly exaggerated.

It is not realistic to believe that one state rising up economically must violently destroy the current leading economy. China is not a state that is looking to generate waves or serious changes in the global economy; China will work to maintain the status quo to maintain the growth of their own economy. China is the 2nd largest economy in the world according to both GDP (current prices, US dollars) and GDP (PPP). In 2012, China’s GDP (current prices, US dollars) was US$8. 227 trillion and its GDP (PPP) was US$12.

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405 trillion. In 2012, China was the 18th fastest growing economy in the world.

Since 1949, the Chinese government has been responsible for planning and managing the national economy. But it was only in 1978 – when Deng Xiaoping introduced capitalist market principles -that the Chinese economy began to show massive growth, averaging 10 percent GDP growth over the last 30 years. During that period the size of the Chinese economy grew by roughly 48 times, from $168.

367 billion (current prices, US dollars) in 1981 to $8. 227 trillion. China has Just recently hit an economic decline. People should not worry about the Chinese economy.

I don’t believe that China is an aggressive state.

I believe that China is a cautious state. China wants to keep its status quo. I believe hat China is on a peaceful rise and Just wants to keep its status quo. Economic growth alone does not provide a full picture of a country’s development. China has a population of 1.

3 billion. Any small difficulty in its economic or social development, spread over this vast group, could become a huge problem. It will be many years before China becomes a major world power. As of now China is building for the future.

Right now China is focusing on keeping its status quo. The Chinese government views a growing economy as vital to maintaining social stability.

However, China faces a number of major economic challenges which could dampen uture growth, including distortive economic policies that have resulted in over- reliance on fixed investment and exports for economic growth. China’s economy, while slowing its pace of growth, is still expanding at a rate much higher than that of developed countries, and the quality of life of its citizens continues to rapidly improve.

China is planning for the future which takes out the possibility of it being a major world power. Chinas economy will continue to grow but as on now all that China wants to do is maintain its status quo. As of now China is not an aggressive state. China will continue to grow until it’s ready to become a major world power.

China is currently facing serious socioeconomic issues that prevent it from claiming a place as a hegemon. The most prominent issue China faces is the issue of its extremely large population.

The overpopulation in China has led to rampant poverty have a significantly lower average pay grade when compared to the richer urban areas. One area of improvement the Chinese Government has been focused on for the past few decades has been the improvement of the standard of living of the rural Chinese people. The Chinese government has also worked to close the gap between he wealthy elite and the poor working class.

One of the issues that China faced was that the use of the Chinese work force was inefficient and they were wasteful of resources.

Despite having the largest population in the world geographically, China has a very poor distribution of natural resources to support its people. This lack of natural resources has made China very dependent on international business deals to supply its country with necessary resources. This is still true today and it is this reliance on other nations for resources that China cannot risk upsetting the current world order. China’s economy is growing and the poorer citizens are slowly growing in toa middle class.

The working class is growing into more of a middle class due to the more efficient use of resources through recycling and improvements in technology.

The current economic climate is currently helping solve the socioeconomic issues in China, thus it would be foolish for China to change it. There is very little doubt that China is moving to stake a claim as an economic powerhouse on the international scene. China already possesses the second highest GDP per capita and the economy is still in the early stages of its growth.

The Chinese economy is not projected to slow its growth until 2050 on the track it is on now is maintained. China very well may have the strongest economy by 2050 but the way to accomplish that is not by aggressive attacks. The economy would take a dive if there was a serious change to the international climate.

China is exceedingly reliant on other nations for natural resources and cannot afford to risk losing the resources. The current growth rate of the economy is excellent and the Chinese need this growth to continue to solve the serious socioeconomic issues they are facing.