This essay is about Cinderella, the Disney adaption and a photo of Cinderella in two ways. One way being she is happy but in the other she is sad in the end. There were many similarities and differences in both Cinderella’s in the story and the picture. Like how the prince saves her in the end and they live happily ever after while in the picture I’m sure she was sad and alone for the rest of her life.

Another difference could be that there were magic birds that brought her clothes to go to balls in one while in the other there were no birds that brought her things; she just lived a boring life filled with nothing but sadness. Those were just the beginning of all the similarities and differences that I will talk about later in the essay. First, in this paragraph I will be talking about the similarities between the story and the photo. One of the many similarities was that in the story and the photo was that Cinderella was dressed in a dirty grey gown. The next similarity is she didn’t have her biological mother in her life in the story and the photo. The only ones she had in her life were her step-mother and step-sisters that tormented her everyday.

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The last similarity is she was over-worked everyday she had to work in some way. At one point in the story she has to pick little lentils out of a pile of ashes just to get to leave the house but in the end she still has to find her own way out that being sneaking out of the house while everyone is gone only to have to return to her home where she was miserable. Second, in the story there were many things that were different from the photo. One of the many differences was that she had magical birds in the story that brought her dresses and shoes to wear to all the balls she went to. Although in the photo it doesn’t look like she had any time to go anywhere because she was always working. Another difference is that she had a crown in the story but in the photo instead of having a crown she had on what seemed to be a bonnet.

The last difference was that she was saved by a prince in the end and they lived happily ever after. Instead of that happening in the photo it seemed like she had no hope. It was as if she was doomed to be her “family’s” slave for the rest of her life. Lastly, I liked the story better. What I liked about the story is that in the end everyone was happy.

I like that about it the most because in real life stuff like that never happens but to see that unfold in a story is the nicest thing ever. Another thing I like about the story is that her mean family gets left behind while the one that really deserved to be happy was happy after being put through that trauma of being treated like a slave in her own home. That was the one place where a person is supposed to feel safe at all times turned into a place she dreaded. In conclusion, I think the story was great. It showed that being a good person can get you far in life. I think this because in the end she got to be happy and she remained like that for the rest of her life.

I really admired this story because the bad people got what they deserved and that was to be unhappy for the remainder of their lives. This is what I thought of the story.