City Beauty

I am the large, unique city. Like the city I am full of creativity and life.

Its crowded concrete streets are filled with roaming thoughts and voices that fill the air, just as I do. I have many personalities and moods just as a crowded city does. Filled with gorgeous voices, inspiring dancers, and amazing actors, the city is full of talent and so am I. The city may seem chaotic and unorganized, but below the concrete the city runs smoothly and gets thing done. Its stores and fashion boutiques create style and individuality, as my closet does for me.

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I like to express myself and though sometimes I can be brutal, like the city I am kind and helpful. I do not like to hide who I am. I always stay true to myself and like the city streets at night, I shine brightly. No one can take away or cover my shine because like the city, I will never stop glowing.