I wouldn’t say that there is a clique problem at this school I would say that there is a major, out of control problem. There are so many different cliques, the preps skaters, people who don’t talk much, people who are always together, emos, Goths, nerds and the wannabes. No matter what happens one person makes the whole group of people hate everyone else in the other.

Say your walking down the hallway, there is always someone there in the way saying something about you or giving you a dirty look. Like in a couple seens in the movie “Mean Girls” where they are walking down the hall with people shouting stuff out at them. This is what happens when there is a clique problem.The cliques also lead to rumors. One person hears one thing and twists it around so that it will sound worse; “Did you hear about Missy’s party the other night? I heard that she did this with that guy…” It is all so pathetic. I mean they say all this stuff and it is all just to hurt one person.

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Then once that person is hurt they stop and move on to someone else. A lot of people loose friends over these types of things.It is just getting pathetic. IT NEVER ENDS! No matter if people say its fine they go behind your back and talk about you-like a never ending circle-it just keeps going on, and on, and on. I wish we could just go back to elementary school where there was no drama, no problems, and everyone just got along and had fun! It was the best times of your life and middle school is considered the most fun but when it is all remembered as drama, that’s not how I would like to remember my middle school experience, what about you?Everyone is affected by them no matter what the group, they all have their fightsBut it needs to stop.

Everyone makes movies about the stuck up preppy popular girls at the school that run the school and have the best parties and get together and take about people behind their backs. When they make these movies and everyone thinks that those types of things don’t happen but they all do, everything in those movies is true. That’s when you know things are getting bad because made up things like that are coming true. And that could be part of it, teenage girls and boys think that its cool to act like that in front of people so they will be “popular”. The movie “Mean Girls” is a perfect example of what goes on in a normal school day with the cliques and drama.i am sick of it and i know that im not alone on this topic.