There are very many different ways in which people define comic and they do this according to how they take it themselves. Getting to know how an individual understands comics is difficult but whichever definition they give can be considered as true because most people are not concerned with the definition of comics but about how it affects their lives.

Most times they are regarded as important aspects of storytelling since it makes a story more interesting. Comics can be described as anything that is able to induce amusement or has the characteristics of comedy that can make an individual or a group of people smile or laugh out loud. A person who has the characteristic of a comedian can also be referred to as a comic (Scott).There are very many reasons as to why a person can be reading a piece of comic book but most of the time people want to read comic books to be amused. The definition of comics does not go beyond being amused and being made to laugh by most people because all they know is that after getting the point that is being driven across in a piece of comic then it is always to dispose the piece of written comic to the dustbin. Scott McCloud’s has given comics a totally different meaning as compared to what people believe them to be.

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In his book inventing Comics, he brings out the importance of comics and how people should approach it. He talks of how he was introduced into reading comic books and how he never got concerned with its importance but he also explains how important it is (Scott).Finally, just like McCloud’s explains it is very important for people to start viewing comic books from a different perception since they can also be used for learning purposes rather than just being viewed as books with characteristics of comedy.