Communication Problems Essay

Communication problems are common in homes, schools, and organizations.

Thus, it is essential to come up with the most proficient ways of solving them. First, in solving problems brought about by poor listening skills it is imperative for the recipient to pay attention and listen carefully to information coming from the source. This will prevent those involved from the tedious task trying to identify where the problem started. It is noteworthy that this solution is the most appropriate because the listener receives the message instantly.In solving problems arising from inflammatory statements, it is advisable to use appropriate language. Here, the person conveying the message should avoid using words that can infuriate the receiver.

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Thus, one should choose wisely the words he uses to communicate with the recipient. Furthermore, the recipient should be ready to pose questions where they have not understood. This is the best way to solve these problems, as there is immediate clarification (Fitch & Sanders, 430).As evident, there are problems that arise from secrecy whereby, concerned parties fail to access information meant to aid their understanding. Thus, encouraging the distribution of information amongst those concerned solves this problem. In achieving this, one has to develop a strong social relationship with those around.

Doing so will make people liberal with one another; thus, facilitating distribution of urgent information. Incase, a communication problem, arise from the reception of unclear information; it is essential to use the appropriate and most reliable form of communication.For example, if a person does not understand the message communicated by a speaker on the phone, it is advisable for the speaker to send an email or an SMS instead. This is the best way to solve this problem because the receiver will have documented message on which he can refer. Incase he does not understand it he may consult the people around.

If it is an educational message, the individual can present the email in a group discussion session. These are the best way to solve these communication problems (Fiske, 14). In conclusion, it is evident that communication problems arise from carelessness of either the correspondent or the recipient. Thus, the two parties should be more careful when communicating.