Coordination of Care Case Study Delegation

Delegation Coordination of care in healthcare is challenging as we provide care to different populations of people as exhibited in the case study.

As the new nurse supervisor in the case study, I would take time to learn the functions of clinic support staff to gain understanding of the resources available to the nurse practitioners, nurses, and other patient support staff.

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Evaluating the information including scope of practice, protocols, and policies, for each discipline, I would create a patient care team; the attributions, social worker, LAVA, and community health nurse, to assess, diagnose, plan, Implement, and evaluate patients for their health care needs to create a continuum of care. Continuity of care for the patients would Improve with all team members working together to meet the patients’ health, education, social, and cultural needs.

Quality of care would Improve as the team would meet weekly to evaluate patient needs, implement new care plans as needed, and plan patient follow up as needed. As the new supervisor for the clinic I would speak with Ms.

W about her responsibility to delegate patient referrals to the clinic patient care team available for optimal patient outcomes. I would meet with Ms. W to show her the opportunities to improve her patients care, utilizing the patient care team; social work, including Spanish interpretation, community health opportunities, education for prenatal, infant, and parenting.

R within the clinic include using the social worker, who speaks fluent Spanish to interpret for Ms. W to ensure the instructions for medication, tests, and appointments are understood and followed through by Ms. R.

The clinic social worker will be a key component in Ms. Or’s care to ensure all information to Ms. R is clear and understandable. The Lava’s delegated role will be education to Ms. R in prenatal care, infant care, and the Importance of the medications and tests needed for her health and the baby’s health.

The community health nurse will help coordinate transportation to appointments, support for Infant care when the baby arrives, and other services the community has to offer to help Ms. R. Before and after the baby Is born. The nutritionist will help Ms. R understand the need for the appropriate foods to eat in her pregnancy and how to feed her baby rater allover. Meeting Ms.

Or’s multiple health, education, and communication needs will require the staff resources available to Ms.