As of 2013-2014 the average cost of one year at a public college was $30,094. Imagine that over four years. That equates to $120,376. Granted you can get it paid for if you are a stand out athlete and will get an elusive scholarship, or you are so smart you could run Microsoft out of your basement, or you work so hard you get school paid for because yougot $40,000 in scholarship money.

For the rest of us it will take more than a few years to pay all these school loans off. But if you were born and raised in another country, making you a foreign exchange student in the US, you can forget about that $120,000 because you can come here for free. So while we work to send foreign students to college with our taxes, our own kids will be in over their heads in debt because the government thinks it’s more important to keep up with foreign affairs. Italy, Canada, Australia, Bolivia, any country, you name it. Those people can come to our colleges and get the schooling for free.

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We are giving away, on average, $120,000 to anyone who was not born in the US. Let that sink in.This means we are giving knowledge to every other country but we don’t make them pay in return. Granted this may not be the case in every scenario but, we could find so much more to do with that tax money than spend it on foreign schooling. Like I don’t know, maybe our own kids? Nah that’s absurd.

Why would we let our kids go for free when we could have others come use that knowledge, then go back to their own country, using that knowledge to better their country instead of ours? Each year we see less and less kids attending college because the cost of continuing education past a high school diploma has sky rocketed. I’m not a Xenophobe or hate foreigners in any way but why put someone else’s kid to through college when we could send our own? $30,094. What could you buy with that amount of money? I know I could think of a few things to spend it on. Why should I spend that on college if I didn’t have to? Why is the Government making US citizens pay so much for college? Every year it seems tuition goes up, making the it that much harder to pay off the loans without too much interest. I’m not stupid and realize there are other ways of paying that much money like the military or scholarships or many other ways, but why struggle? We could go to college for so much less money if we made foreign exchange students go to school for anything other than free. I also get it is more than money for colleges.

Colleges try to accept different ethnicity to try and have a more diverse campus. But at the cost of rejecting any other student because they “have too many whites or blacks or Asians” or whatever. It’s just natural that we are going to have more Caucasians in American because we are a majority.I just think the Government should reevaluate its priorities. If they can’t see that less expensive college would help the future of this country grow, we need to make them see.