Crazy Expectations

The road to college or university is a tough one that actually starts in the tenth grade(in Canada). In grade 10, at the ripe old age of 15, the school expects you to pick your eleventh and twelth grade classes. But they are not as fast to point out that you need certain credits and courses to take other courses and to get in to university or college. In grade 10, you are actually picking out your future. At fifteen! How is anyone susposed to know their careeer paith at 15? Some people don’t even know untill they are in their thirties, even fourties. It is simpily outrageous.

Colleges tell you that they want you to come to their school and that your education is important to you. Ha! I don’t think so. They crush your dreams. You pay fifty dollars and take your time to apply to their schools because they want to go there, but then they deny you entrance. That is just like saying, thank you for your money, you took the wrong classes in high school, we do not want you. That is insane.

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I understand that you’re reading this and thinking, wow is this guy crazy. he must be an idiot. Actually, I just feel that it is not realistsic to decide your career path when you’re 15,16,17 or 18. 87 percent of high school students do not feel prepared or ready for advanced education like that offered at college. Every year only 36 percent of high school graduates chose a college program that they are interested in. 36 percent! This is because school’s only accept certain classes, and also because student’s do not know what they want to do in the future when they are vbeing told to decide! That is so wrong of the school to force them into that situation.

Then when you decide you want to major in something else, they reward you with an extra year of high school! This need’s to change, or the world will be in trouble in the future. The students school’s are forcing into these situations, they are going to be future teachers, politicians, doctors, lawyers. The school system has to change. NOW! Each day 8,300 people are dropping out of school, alot because of this pressure. 8,300 every day.

That’s more people dropping out of high school a day than some schools have in active students. that’s more people than some towns have!