Co-founder and former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, was convinced that creative people do not do anything special; they just look at the things a bit differently than others.

Creativity is a very important asset for those who are in the leadership roles. Most changes within a company are caused by internal or external factors. Creative leaders actively respond to new problems and are successful in dealing with new challenges implementing their strategies (Forster, 2012). Possessing a significant vision, they have an ability to inspire others due to their talent of creativity. In case leaders use creativity in their repertoires of personal management, they are able to become entrepreneurs. Creativity helps the leaders use their intuition, to look beyond the boundaries ad to grasp the learning principles of an organization.

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Among the companies which use job rotation in order to foster creativity and share the knowledge one may mention General Electric, 3m, and HP. These organizations realize who important creativity is and use it to encourage ideas fertilization, give the understanding of the whole business, and prevent the bunker mentalities. It is important to make a correlation between creative thinking and humor This realization resulted in the development of creativity with the help of role-playing, storytelling, games, clowning and humor. Among the companies which implement this practice are Jongleurs and Oracy (the UK), Play and HumourUniversity (the USA) Being a great liberator of creativity, humor frees up the constrained, logical, rational, and linear parts of our minds (Forster, 2012). It also allows the emergence of more free-flowing, anarchic, and creative parts of our personalities.

In order to achieve something using humor, fun and play, it is necessary to generate new ideas and to convert them into practical services and products. The Importance and/or Practical Use of Creativity in Organizations Among the problems, which an organization may face is equal importance. Unfortunately, there are only a few solutions and the chance to find an appropriate key to the problem is very small. In order to identify and then solve the problems, it is urgent to change the capabilities of problem solving of those who are in charge. It is widely believed that change is inevitable necessary for a company in case it wishes to perform well in the long term. Doing things the same way as they were done in the past may easily causedifficulties in business environnment.

If businesses want to have a chance of survival and prosperity, change is what they have to respond to (Kouzes & Posner, 2007). There is a lot of interested in thecreative process due to the rapid growth of competition. Ability to stay ahead of the competitors in the environment that is rapidly changing is one of the main factors of success or failure of any organization. Nowadays, there is a need for new strategies of problem solving and decision making. One more reason is managers’ need to find new and better ways to solve problems.

Ability to respond creatively to the problems gives a company great chance in staying in business (Forster, 2012).Creativity in Action Some major airport complexes have turned into very small shopping centersin their own right.The development complexes planners continue to exercise their skills of creative problem solving with the aim to find new ways in order to satisfy customers who travel to various destinations. Nowadays, some airlines have become more creative not only in thinking, but also in the way they approach problems (Kouzes & Posner, 2007). Airlines have started to pay more attention on the aircraft logo as it is the portrayal of the brand image.