Creatures of Empire

The entry of the European distance travellers into North America resulted in an introduction of new crops, domestication of animals like horses, and use of metal tools. The introduction of livestock by the Europeans presented another face of life to the North American Natives. The North American natives started using horses for transportation of goods.

Horses were in high demand; they were traded and in some times stolen from the natives. The aborigines had realized how they could make transportation of large loads simpler. Though the technology of arranging poles and tying them for loads transportation was not new for the Europeans, it was unfamiliar for the natives. The nomadic natives could move comfortably in the plains and this made them to integrate horses in their culture. The arrival of the Europeans caused the shift from the Stone Age to the period of metal tools and firearms usage.

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The technologies of basketry and pottery are also existed in this time. Earlier, the natives had no technology of making metal tools like knives, fishing hooks, sewing needles, and metal pots. The aborigines realized how effective those tools were in comparison with their former clay and stone made tools. The technology was fast adopted by the natives who continued with the technology and assimilated it with their culture. The introduction of firearms by the European long distant travellers put an end to the use of bows and arrows. The aborigines soon recognized the effectiveness of the rifles brought by Europeans and adapted quite quickly.

Though the technology was beyond their capacity, they slowly advanced familiarity with the rifles until the technology was fully adopted.