Criminal Justice Communication

A hostage predicament is a justice execution process for the reason that it brings non-guilty people into a precarious scenario. In a bid to apprehend the hostage takers, it becomes a challenge since the victims can be injured by diverging ammunitions. Indeed, that culminates to negotiation being a very significant element of hostage problem (Devito, 2004).

Firstly, incase of a reporter asserting words which are contrary to what the negotiator tells the hostage taker, the whole process is declared broken down. Secondly, information got from the police is not supposed to be aired because its authenticity is usually questionable. Thirdly, particular demands by hostage takers should not be issued except the negotiators have requested. Fourthly, avoidance of provision of intelligent police patrols is encouraged. Fifthly, mentioning negative events from the hostage taker’s previous life should be avoided.

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The next guideline is that one should not be taken by speculative thoughts. Therefore a reporter should only be tried by questions which were earlier discussed. Next is that there should be a personnel from the media to cover all the proceedings. The eighth is that one should decline to name any officers from the judiciary who are in attendance as this will make the negotiator who is probably junior in capacity too inferior to negotiate. Next is that the negotiator should be creditable.I.

e he should be from a background with some credibility. The tenth guideline is that the negotiator should maintain an eye-aye contact with the victims. Next is that one has to create a link of trust as the negotiating party. The twevelth is that one should be able to find away out that does not require a compromise of your stands. Next is that education and being skilled is paramount for the process.

The thirteenth is that the state of the victims should not be revealed for that may water down the negotiation process. Finally, one should pose the question as to whether stepping out live is of higher advantage than the hostages within being harmed.