Critical Analysis – Youth Violence

Critical Analysis – Youth Violence The article by Dr. Delbert Elliott, Ph. D.

was written in 1994. It was taken from the page of colorado. edu. It is reliable as it has been included as reading material in the ENG113 course guide. The information is not up to date as it presents the facts happened in the past ten years.

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The facts included in the essay are also exist at presents, so it does not matter whether the source is the latest. The author presents an overview of theory and research on youth violence as a background for specific presentation and discussion.

The author has included examples of youth violence and compared the percentage of the homicide rate from 1988 to 1994. One important dimension has clearly changed, youth violence has became more lethal. He mentioned that a massive failure in our social institutions cause these violence young people have so little respect for human life.

Most violent behaviour is learned behaviour. Too many youth thought violence is either the only or the effective way to achieve what they need.

Early education will influence children and a better learning environment can reduce youth violent behaviour. The author’s opinion is very clear, the education during childhood is very important for youths, keep children away from witness violence and physical abuse will decline the risk of later violence. The assay does not interest me, but for some people who are confused about youth violence and for specific presentations and discussion it will be interesting. The article shows the reasons that cause youth violence.

If there are some methods to avoid youth violence, I think it would better. Youth violence can be seen in every country, most of the violent behaviour is caused by the failure in our social institutions. In my country, almost all of the young parents send their children to children’s grandparents. Because parents lack time to teach their children, and the children have poor judgment. It is easy to influence them. Children’s education should be taken seriously, a better learning environment will reduce the violent behaviors effectively.

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