Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Tourism

Stereotypes usually start insinuating into the lives of people when they are still young. They may come to people from through their parents. These beliefs are usually passed from one generation to another without even being challenged or examined. A person may have been raised up in particular religion that may have built-in stereotypes concerning people of another religion. This same may be applicable to other nationalities as well as to other races. These makes most of the tourists to start developing some form of stereo types when they are moving out of their home environment since they may have grown in areas that have stereotypes about the people in the places they may be moving to.

Tourists as well develop those stereotypes because they may be moving to places which they had never been before and they may be frustrated about how the cultures of those people might be, or they could have heard how people in those places they are moving to usually behave. Stereotypes are not always accurate because different people of the same culture as well as from the same community do not behave the same way. Furthermore, the lifestyle of people across the world is changing and you may find that people who would have been sereotyped has having a certain behavior could have changed their lifestyle and dropped some ways or beliefs they used to have. Furthermore, what makes them to be inaccurate is because most of the negative stereotypes are generally used to demean certain individuals or a group.The best thing of stereotyping is that it is healthy, necessary and is a prime vehicle which allows people to think especially at point of a stimulus rather than having to go back up to the square one. If stereotyping was not there, it will be difficult to have any form of growth, learning or development.

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On the other hand, stereotyping has several dangers that can be associated with it. One of the serious dangers of it is stereotype on the beliefs of war. These wars may not be found for the purpose of power or money, but due to stereotyped beliefs concerning people of another different nationality, race or religion that can further trigger unreasonable fear as well as hatred. Furthermore, stereotyping may strongly negatively impact life of a person as well as his or her sense of peace and wellbeing. The only way we can eliminate stereotypes is by dropping certain stereotyped beliefs. People should stop generalizing behaviors of a certain community since people do not have the same characters even if they come from the same religion, nationality or even to the same family.

Therefore, the best thing top eliminate stereotype is by stop generalizing people and also to drop stereotyped beliefs. If I was president of the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau, I would evaluate satisfaction of the tourists visiting that region by how they perceive our services. If they perceive our services badly, I would understand that they are not satisfied and I would find another ways of improving our services in order to ensure that our customers are satisfied. On the other hand, if the customers perceive well to our services, I would be sure that they are satisfied and they would like to come back again for our services.The international tourist complaints should not always be used to asses the holiday satisfaction because different customers have different attitudes and lifestyle. Since people who come for holidays here are from diverse communities, we can not access their satisfaction through their complaints because not all of the tourists give their true comments and some of them may even not give any comment even though they were not served well.